Cryoshock - "The Cold New Regime"


Upcoming Release:

Cryoshock Unleashes The Frostbite Fury With "The Cold New Regime"

Karlshamn, Sweden - Brace yourselves, metalheads, because the icy winds of Cryoshock are about to sweep through your speakers like a frostbitten hurricane! This death/thrash metal ensemble, hailing from the metal haven of Sweden, is gearing up to drop their full-length debut album, "The Cold New Regime", on March 29th, 2024, under the unholy banner of Ablaze Productions.
For those unfamiliar, Cryoshock is a sonic force that blends the raw intensity of death metal with the relentless aggression of thrash, creating a sound that hits you like a mosh pit cyclone. If you're a disciple of bands like The Crown, Unleashed, or Ablaze my Sorrow, you're in for a frosty treat.
This album, featuring 11 tracks that promise to be colder than your ex's heart, was mixed by the band themselves and mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö at Unisound. The artwork, a visual masterpiece that looks like it crawled out of the abyss, was conjured by DaemorphArt.
But that's not all. This marks Cryoshock's debut under the banner of Ablaze Productions, and they're not holding back. The album will be available as a digipak CD, cat. no. ABP-192, ready to become a prized possession in your metal shrine. And fear not, digital disciples, the album will also hit all major streaming platforms on the release date, so you can unleash the Cryoshock wherever you go.
Prepare for the onslaught with two singles dropping on February 9th and March 1st, giving you a taste of the frigid fury to come. But wait, there's merch! T-shirts so epic, even Thor would consider a wardrobe upgrade. Grab them from the label's hellish emporium or Cryoshock's webshop.
Now, let's talk lineup. Lars Johansson on guitars/bass and backing vocals, Martin Persson on drums, and Niklas Johansson on vocals – this trio is poised to be your new metal overlords.
Follow the Cryoshock saga on social media, subscribe to their YouTube for a visual assault, and for the love of metal, add them to your Spotify playlists. Links below, because you don't want to be the metalhead who misses the frostbitten fiesta.
Having braved the frosty tempest of Cryoshock's upcoming album, I can confidently say it's a glorious onslaught of riff-driven madness and bone-chilling vocals. "The Cold New Regime" is a metal manifesto, and Cryoshock is here to claim their icy throne in the metal realm. Get ready for a brain-freezing headbangathon! 🤘