Alright, metalheads, hold onto your spiky leather hats because Drymarchon, the brainchild of metal maestro Sean (also of Osi and the Jupiter/ex Burial Oath fame), just dropped their debut album "Mori In Igne". Hailing from the shadowy corners of Kent, Ohio, these guys are ready to melt faces with some seriously nasty death/thrash vibes, channeling the spirits of Toxic Holocaust, Autopsy, and Celtic Frost.
Sean's been rocking the metal scene since '98, fronting the death metal project Defenestration. Now, with Drymarchon, he's unleashed a beast that's like a love letter to the gnarliest names in metal. Departing from Burial Oath, Sean birthed Drymarchon, turning every riff and scream into a testament to his unfiltered passion for death/thrash mayhem.
The name Drymarchon, inspired by a giant colubrid snake, is like a warning sign: "Get ready for a primal beatdown". And "Mori In Igne" or "Die in a Fire" isn't just an album – it's a full-throttle, sonic inferno of face-melting riffs, growls that could wake the dead, and rhythms that hit like a sledgehammer.
"Mori In Igne" invites you to dive into the fiery abyss where darkness rules. Each track is a war cry from Drymarchon, a bunch of metalheads who've decided to throw the rulebook into the flames.
Sean spills the beans, "I've always been drawn to the darker side of music, and with Drymarchon, I wanted to create something that channels that primal energy. With 'Mori In Igne,' we aimed to capture the raw intensity of death/thrash metal while infusing it with our own unique vision".
The album's now kicking ass on Bandcamp and YouTube, so if you're ready to set your soul ablaze, this is your ticket.
For more infernal details on Drymarchon and "Mori In Igne", head to their Bandcamp.
Cover art by the wickedly talented @nanu_nano_art.
Watch the chaos unfold on YouTube: https://youtu.be/OQfQ6ev_LC4
Follow the carnage on Instagram: Drymarchon's Insta and get updates on Facebook: Drymarchon's Facebook Page.

"Mori In Igne" isn't just an album; it's a declaration of war on your eardrums. Drymarchon has summoned the spirits of metal's darkest forces to create a death/thrash masterpiece that'll leave you in sonic ecstasy. Sean's vision has birthed a beast, and we're all just lucky witnesses to the chaos. Grab your battle gear, turn the volume to 11, and join the metal crusade! 🤘🔥