De Mal En Pire - "L'Astre de Velours"


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De Mal En Pire Unleashes Metal Mayhem with "L'Astre de Velours" – A Franco-Canadian Sonic Odyssey!

Hold onto your tuques, metalheads, because De Mal En Pire is about to hit you with a sonic storm straight from the frosty landscapes of French Canada. These metal maestros might be "young" under this moniker, but don't be fooled – they're a powerhouse of experienced veterans from the local scene.
March 15 is the date marked in the calendar, the day when De Mal En Pire will unleash their first full-length album, 'SÃ MO,' upon the world in both CD and digital formats. But hey, they couldn't keep us waiting in the freezing metal wilderness, so they dropped a sneak peek in the form of the official music video for "L'Astre De Velours."
Now, let's dive into the history of De Mal En Pire. Born in 2021 during the composition and writing frenzy, the band officially took shape in 2022. The name, inspired by a 12th-century expression, "de mal enpire," perfectly encapsulates their mission – a progressive deterioration of an already bad situation. Sounds metal, right?
This Franco-Canadian metal juggernaut relies on a quartet formula, featuring two guitarists (one doubling as the lead vocalist), a bassist, and a drummer. These aren't newcomers to the scene; some members have left their mark in bands like Get the Shot and collaborated with metalcore acts like Arise Horror and Gloria Victis. With over 15 years of experience, they're not just playing metal; they are the metal scene.
For those seeking sonic comparisons, De Mal En Pire is a treat for fans of Mort Mort Mort, Deftones, Cult Of Luna, and The Ocean. The music video for "L'Astre de Velours" isn't just a visual spectacle; it's a journey into the depths of their musical prowess.

"L'Astre de Velours" isn't just a single; it's a sonic declaration. De Mal En Pire has crafted a piece that's a perfect blend of aggression and artistry. The Franco-Canadian fusion in their sound creates a unique flavor that's both familiar and refreshing. As we anticipate the full album, one thing is clear – De Mal En Pire is here to conquer, and "SÃ MO" is poised to be a game-changer in the metal realm. So, my fellow metalheads, gear up for the frostbitten metal onslaught! 🤘