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Last Addiction Awakens The Dead With "GHOST": A Metal Resurrection

France's sonic sorcerers, Last Addiction, have just dropped a digital bomb that's about to haunt your playlist – their latest single, "Ghost", accompanied by a spine-tingling music video on YouTube. If you thought their previous release, "Trauma Trigger", hit hard, "Ghost" is the thunderstorm that follows.
The track delves into the depths of isolation, the agony of lost connections, and the looming fear of an uncertain future. In a society dripping with anxiety and violence, Last Addiction paints a vivid picture of individuals sealed off from the world, wandering through life like lost souls – like ghosts. The burning question: Who will bring them back from the abyss?
"Ghost" is not just a single; it's a haunting anthem that sets the stage for Last Addiction's forthcoming album, slated to wreak havoc later this year. And they're not alone in this metal crusade – Victory Vision Agency (the masterminds behind PERSEIDE and Synapse) stands firmly in their corner.
For those unfamiliar with this metal powerhouse, Last Addiction emerged from the "cold lands" in 2015 and officially declared war on silence in 2016. Originally a quartet led by guitarist Gael Augier, the band expanded its arsenal in 2020 with the addition of Vincent Delphin on lead guitar. Together with Dylan Fournet (lead singer), Will Guinet (bass guitar), and Thomas Chaverondier (drums), they form a formidable five-piece force.
The lyrical landscape of Last Addiction is as dark as the midnight sky, inspired by theories of collapse and the various miseries that plague humanity. Their musical concoction refuses to be confined to a single genre, seamlessly blending modern heavy metal with hints of metalcore, rock, post-rock, and even extreme metal. The result? A melodic symphony that's both haunting and harmonious.
With two vocal titans – one soaring high and clean, the other unleashing raging screams – Last Addiction creates a sonic battleground of contrasts that leaves listeners awestruck.
The journey began with an EP in 2019, followed by their first full-length LP, "Inner Abyss," in 2021. Last Addiction has graced stages across France since 2017, opening for heavyweights like Audrey Horn and even conquering the legendary Wacken Open Air in 2022 after winning the French WOA battle.
As we step into 2024, Last Addiction is poised to unleash a new era with their upcoming album, and if "Ghost" is any indication, it's going to be a metal feast for the ages.
Having braved the sonic storm of "Ghost," Last Addiction proves once again why they are a force to be reckoned with in the metal realm. The blend of haunting melodies and raw power hits you like a spiritual awakening. As a metalhead, I'm eagerly anticipating the full album – prepare for a metal pilgrimage, because Last Addiction is leading the way! 🤘