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Neutrina: Unleashing Hellfire and Riffstorms!

In the chaotic cauldron of 2013, guitarists Miko and Zukier's fates collided on the road to Metalfest. They summoned Moraw on drums, and Spawacz seized both bass and microphone. With this unholy alliance, Neutrina was born – a sonic force that would leave a trail of chaos and riffs in its wake.
Their maiden single echoed through the metal abyss, a prelude to the EP that never saw the light of day. Undeterred, Neutrina hit stages, city-hopping their way through concerts. Enter Eryk, who took the reins from Zukier, and Młody, the drum-wielding maestro. This lineup stuck, at least until hellfire consumed them.
But fear not, for these warriors emerged unscathed, having vanquished demons and returned to the land of the living. Now, their rage has reached its apex, and they're gearing up to decimate venues that dare cross their path.
EP - Fresh Flesh Tracklist:
Just Thrash
Fresh Flesh
Neutrina (Bonus)
Recorded at the sonic forge of YacobRecords Studio, "Fresh Flesh" is a thrash-laden manifesto, a soundtrack to their journey through hell and back.
Meet the architects of mayhem:
Mateusz "Spawacz" Cieslik: Vocals, Bass
Miko Kuczynski: Guitar
Eryk Borys: Guitar
Damian "Młody" Czyżewski: Drums

Neutrina's saga reads like a metal odyssey – from Metalfest chance encounters to lineup infernos and triumphant resurrections. "Fresh Flesh" is an unapologetic dive into thrash madness, each track a sonic maelstrom. The bonus track "Neutrina" is a wicked encore, leaving listeners craving more. Their resilience and hell-raising spirit make them a force to be reckoned with. Brace yourselves, metalheads, Neutrina is on a mission to rattle your eardrums and claim their spot in the metal pantheon. As a fellow metal enthusiast, I'm buckling up for the ride – horns raised high! 🤘