Petrolbreath - "Carnal Rivals"


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Petrolbreath Unleashes Steamy Rock 'n' Roll Affair with "Carnal Rivals"

Prepare to be seduced by the fiery embrace of Finland's own rock 'n' roll trio, Petrolbreath, as they plunge into the tempestuous realms of love and carnal pleasures with their latest single, "Carnal Rivals." Brace yourself for a sonic rollercoaster that's equal parts passion and gasoline.
Formed in 2019, Petrolbreath is the brainchild of Joni Tammenpää (bass/voc), Ville Panhelainen (guitars), and Lassi Huotari (drums). Drawing inspiration from the gods of rock like Motörhead, Clutch, and The Hives, Petrolbreath cranks up the volume on raw, unadulterated rock 'n' roll. These Finns don't just play music; they ignite a combustible blend of gasoline-soaked tunes that'll leave you craving more.
Since their debut single, "Lucifer's Wings," dropped in 2021, Petrolbreath has been a force on the gig circuit, leaving a trail of melted faces in their wake. Now, with "Carnal Rivals," they're turning up the heat even more. This single is a sneak peek into their upcoming EP, "Spread Your Wings and Die," set to unleash its sonic fury next month.
The single delves into the primal depths of love, exploring the animalistic nature of desire. With a "double solo" kickoff featuring guitar and bass, Petrolbreath takes you on a triumphant joyride of love and lust. The song's versatility keeps you hooked from the first notes, building anticipation until the explosive climax.
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Petrolbreath's "Carnal Rivals" is a raucous anthem for the passionate. It's a heady cocktail of primal energy and rock 'n' roll swagger. The "double solo" is a stroke of genius, elevating the track into a full-blown love affair. This song isn't just music; it's the fuel your soul needs. Get ready to spread your wings and rock on! 🤘