September Again - "Caged"


New album coming soon...

September Again Drops "Caged" - Get Ready to Rock Your Socks Off!

Alright, metalheads and music maniacs, brace yourselves for the latest sonic storm courtesy of French rock rebels, September Again! They just kicked down the door with their new single and music video, "Caged" and trust me, it's a wild ride.
A musical battlefield where silence and noise go head-to-head, and matter dances with the void. It's like they took a trip to the core of our souls and brought back a soundtrack for the chaos within. "Caged" is not just a song; it's a rebellious anthem for anyone tired of the same old tunes.
Now, get this – these French maestros are cooking up something big. We're talking about their third full-length album, dropping like a musical bomb in Fall 2024. And guess what? They've already given us a sneak peek with the "Caged" music video on YouTube. Check it out here:
September Again isn't your run-of-the-mill band. Born in 2015, they're a musical Frankenstein, mixing alternative-rock, trip-hop, metal, post-rock, and electronics since 2012. After hitting us with their debut single "Falls", they didn't waste time – 'Insomniac' came roaring to life just two years later. And oh boy, did it make waves. The sequel, 'From Nothing to Nowere', followed in 2020, proving that September Again isn't a one-hit wonder – they're here to stay.
Even a global pandemic couldn't put a damper on their rock 'n' roll spirit. They conquered French stages with the last album, then vanished into the studio to brew up album number three.
So, what's the deal with "Caged"? It's a taste of what's to come, a rebellion against the ordinary. And for fans of Archive, Deftones, Incubus, Thrice, Massive Attack – this is your golden ticket to a musical wonderland.

"Caged" is a sonic punch in the face, and I mean that in the best way possible. September Again isn't just a band; they're a musical thrill ride, and I'm strapping in for the journey. If the rest of the album is half as wild as this single, we're in for a treat. Rock on, September Again, rock on! 🤘