Silvertonguedevil - "Royalty"


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Silvertonguedevil Unleashes Thrash Fury with "Royalty" – A Metal Anthem for the Ages!

Hold on tight, metalheads, because Silvertonguedevil is back with a sonic storm that's about to blow your speakers and melt your faces. The American Thrash Metal maestros just dropped their latest video clip, "Royalty," a sneak peek into the madness that awaits in their upcoming EP "Conquest of the Inferno."
Shot in the metal heartland of Denton, TX, by the legendary Metal Dave Gonzalez and masterfully directed/edited by Craig Meinhart, "Royalty" is not just a video; it's a visual assault on your senses. And oh, did we mention the guest solo by Mike Wilson from the Texas thrash juggernaut CHEMICAUST? It's like throwing gasoline on an already raging thrash fire.
Watch the Metal Mayhem Unfold: Silvertonguedevil - Royalty

Formed in the metal crucible of Dallas, Texas, back in 2005, Silvertonguedevil has been on a relentless rampage, unleashing three full-length albums and two EPs under their own label "All Devils Music." The lineup reads like a thrash dream team with Craig Meinhart commanding vocals, John Tapia shredding guitars, Brandon Chandler delivering bass thunder, and Josh Leicht on the drum artillery.
Now, for my metalhead musings: "Royalty" isn't just a song; it's a battle cry. Silvertonguedevil has mastered the art of thrash, and this video clip is a testament to their unbridled energy and raw aggression. The guest solo by Mike Wilson adds a layer of sonic insanity that elevates the track to thrash royalty. As the guitars wail and the drums thunder, Silvertonguedevil reaffirms their place in the pantheon of modern thrash. So, fellow metal warriors, crank up the volume, hit play, and let "Royalty" be your soundtrack to thrash-tory! 🤘