Technophobia - "Anti-Human Terror"


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Technophobia: Carnivorous Riffs, Beer-Fueled Drums, and a Debut EP That Slays!

In the metal crucible of April 2023, Technophobia emerged as a wicked side hustle for Kajetan (master of the six strings) and Barto (low-end maestro), still rocking out with Buddah. Enter Piotr on drums, bonded by their love for Carnivore and beer – a recipe for sonic mayhem was brewing. Thus, Technophobia was born, rising from the ashes of rehearsals and a shared passion for face-melting tunes.
Fast forward to September, Oz (of Eteritus and ex-Painkiller fame) steps in as the vocal powerhouse, completing the unholy quartet. With Oz's guttural roars added to the mix, rehearsals intensified, and the sonic cauldron bubbled with anticipation.
The culmination? A debut EP that's not just music; it's a headbanging pilgrimage. Riff-laden, beer-soaked, and infused with the spirit of thrash, Technophobia unleashed their sonic beast upon the world. And guess what? The metalheads have spoken, and the reviews are nothing short of an adrenaline-fueled mosh pit of positivity.
Debut EP Highlights:
Riffs that could shatter skulls
Drums that hit harder than a freight train
Vocals that summon the very essence of metal mayhem

Listen to the sonic onslaught at Technophobia's Linktree.
From the unholy genesis to the debut EP's triumphant roar, Technophobia is a force to reckon with. The combination of Kajetan's fretboard wizardry, Barto's bass rumble, Piotr's drumming onslaught, and Oz's vocal thunder creates a sonic brew that's intoxicating. Their music isn't just a nod to Carnivore and beer-fueled brotherhood; it's a declaration of war against eardrums. I'd say Technophobia isn't just a band; they're a visceral experience. So, grab your favorite brew, crank up the volume, and let the thrashing begin – Technophobia is here to claim your auditory soul! 🤘