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The Fods: Unleashing Eclectic Chaos with Low-Fi Brilliance

In the ever-evolving landscape of metal, one entity stands out with a commitment to Low-Fi and Lo Fuss – The Fods. Born from the creative mind of Ol Collins, former Flawed guitarist and current maestro behind the Goodstock Project, The Fods is not your typical metal band. It's a demoing and recording vehicle that transcends time, pulling collaborators from the '90s to the digital wilderness of the internet.
Imagine "The Desert Sessions" without the desert, and you'll start to grasp the eclectic nature of The Fods. With a rotating cast of collaborators, the material is a sonic rollercoaster, promising surprises at every turn. From long-standing partnerships dating back to the '90s to new cohorts discovered in the virtual Wild West, The Fods brings together a diverse array of influences under one sonic roof.
In Spring 2023, The Fods embarked on a daring challenge – write an EP in a month. The result? The aptly named "One To Watch" EP, living up to its accolade. Lead single "Gil Barco" hit streaming platforms on July 14, 2023, paving the way for the EP's full release on October 13. If you haven't caught it yet, you're missing out on a wild ride through The Fods' musical universe.
Late 2023 saw The Fods diving into the "Don't Argue" project, a nostalgic revisit to the earliest ancestry of Good Stock Records. Modernizing tracks recorded on 4-track tape by the band of the same name in the early '90s, The Fods breathes new life into the classics. The lead single, "You've Not Got Me," dropped like a musical bomb late December 2023, leaving listeners craving for more.
For those wanting to wear their Fods fandom loud and proud, The Fods Merchandise is available at the Good Stock Records Shop. Because why just listen when you can wear your love for eclectic chaos?

Discography Dive:
Digital Single: "Gil Barco" - July 14, 2023
Digital EP: "One To Watch" - October 13, 2023
Digital Single: "You've Not Got Me" - December 18, 2023
The Fods Ensemble:
A recording by The Fods is like assembling a metal dream team, featuring any or all of:
Ol: Guitars, Keys, Vox
Al Winn: Guitars, Vox
Birch: Vox
Ez: Guitars, Vox
Rob Critch: Vox, Words, Production
Dive into The Fods' sonic pandemonium on Spotify, SoundCloud, and their YouTube Channel. For the social media wanderers, find The Fods on their LinkTree and join the mayhem.
As a devout metalhead, diving into The Fods' chaotic symphony is like opening Pandora's Box of sonic wonders. The blend of nostalgia and modern madness in "Don't Argue" is a testament to The Fods' ability to weave a musical narrative. The Fods isn't just a project; it's a sonic adventure that defies conventions. "One To Watch"? More like "One You Can't Miss." The Fods might just be the chaotic genius the metal scene didn't know it needed. \m/