Ultimatium - "Run Like The Wind"


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Ultimatium Unleashes Metal Cyclone with 'Run Like The Wind'


In the metal cosmos, where riffs reign supreme, Ultimatium detonates a sonic bomb called 'Run Like The Wind.' It's not just a song; it's a warp-speed journey back to the glory days of the Virtuality album, where our four metal maestros hadn't yet realized the chaos awaiting them. Talk about headbanging innocence!
This track is the crown jewel of Ultimatium's metal arsenal, heavily influenced by C64 game music – imagine pixelated dragons headbanging to this. The classic SID lead sound runs through its veins, creating a symphony that could make your Game Boy mosh.
Emily Leone's operatic vocals collide with Tomi Viiltola's guitar wizardry, creating a sonic brew catchier than a cold beer at a metal festival. It's the kind of song you'd expect to be born backstage at a Stratovarius/Nightwish gig – a metal lovechild of epic proportions.
"Run Like The Wind" isn't just a musical journey; it's a time-traveling escapade back to the days when metal was simpler, but no less epic. Ultimatium has crafted a tune that's not just a throwback – it's a metal DeLorean hitting 88 mph straight into a thrashing frenzy.
Listen to the madness: https://www.ultimatium.com
Ultimatium's "Run Like The Wind" is a metal vortex pulling me back to the glorious era when metal was raw, unapologetic, and simply a damn good time. The C64 influences are like a nod to our pixelated ancestors, and Emily and Tomi's collaboration is a headbanger's dream. It's a musical joyride that proves metal is timeless – an anthem for both old-school purists and new-age headbangers alike. Grab your air guitar, crank up the volume, and run like the wind – Ultimatium style! 🤘