Veil Of The Serpent - "Into The Moon"

Veil Of The Serpent Unleashes 'Into The Moon' EP with Moran Magal Duet!


Prepare to have your metal hearts shattered as VEIL OF THE SERPENT announces the resurrection of their 2022 tearjerker, 'Into The Moon,' now reborn as a killer three-track EP! This heavy ballad takes listeners on a journey through life's missed opportunities, only revealing the bitter truth in the end - cue the tears.
The band spills the beans: "Picture this: a guy gazing at the moon, dreaming of the wild life he could've had. But surprise! Plot twist - he's stuck in a hospital bed, dreaming of a fresh start. Heartbreaking? Absolutely! A ballad beauty? Hell yes! We're throwing this emotional rollercoaster back into the spotlight with our 'Into The Moon' EP."
Launching on February 20, 2024, the EP will feature the original gut-wrenching track, an instrumental version for those who want the full emotional immersion, and an alternate version that joins forces with Israeli singer Moran Magal. Get ready for a duet that'll hit you right in the feels!
Pre-order or pre-save this musical masterpiece HERE and brace yourselves for an emotional onslaught.
But wait, there's more! To make the wait more bearable, dive into the time capsule of emotions by revisiting the hauntingly beautiful music video for 'Into The Moon' released two years ago. Watch it here!
About the band:
VEIL OF THE SERPENT emerged from the creative minds of guitarist Gene and his son Felix in 2021. A year later, they stumbled upon the powerhouse vocals of JD Stafford, completing the trio that would go on to weave emotional metal tales.
JD Stafford: Vocals
Gene: Guitars
Felix: Drums

Having taken a sneak peek into the upcoming 'Into The Moon' EP, I can guarantee you're in for an emotional rollercoaster. The original track is a gut-punch of feelings, and the Moran Magal duet adds a new layer of intensity. VEIL OF THE SERPENT's ability to blend heart-wrenching narratives with powerful metal instrumentation is truly commendable. Get ready to feel the music! \m/