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Voltax Unleashes Metallic Fury with "Ardentis" – A Mexican Heavy Metal Fiesta!

In a world of musical chaos, where trends come and go like fashion faux pas, one band from Mexico City stands tall, waving the heavy metal flag with pride. Voltax, the seasoned veterans of old-school metal, have dropped their fifth sonic bomb – "Ardentis."
Formed in the metal-forging cauldron of Mexico City in 2006, Voltax is more than just a band; they're a brotherhood on a mission. With a lineup that packs a punch harder than a headbanger's mosh pit, including Jerry Aguirre's vocal prowess, Hector Vera on bass and keys, Diego Magdaleno and Victor Segura shredding guitars, and Andy Rios on the drum throne – Voltax is a heavy metal juggernaut.
"Ardentis" is the latest chapter in their metal saga, a testament to their dedication to the classic sounds of the 70s and 80s. These guys aren't just playing music; they're resurrecting the soul of metal that seemed lost in the digital age.
Having conquered stages from the heart of Mexico to the distant lands of the USA, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Sweden, and Spain, Voltax is a global force. And let's face it, any band that can melt faces and break eardrums across continents is doing something right.
But what about "Ardentis"? Oh, dear metalheads, this album is the elixir you didn't know you needed. From the heavy-hitting riffs that could wake the dead to Jerry's vocals that could summon the metal gods themselves, "Ardentis" is a journey back in time with a contemporary twist. If Judas Priest and Running Wild had a musical lovechild, Voltax's "Ardentis" would be it.

Strap on your battle vests, charge your tankards, and dive into the metallic feast that Voltax has laid before us. And hey, they've got a new video on YouTube that's hotter than a dragon's breath – check it out!
YouTube Video: Voltax - Ardentis
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If you want to own a piece of metal history, hit up their Bandcamp. It's like the treasure chest for metal aficionados.
Bandcamp: Ardentis on Bandcamp
"Ardentis" isn't just an album; it's a battle cry. Voltax has proven once again that heavy metal isn't just music; it's a way of life. So, crank up the volume, raise your horns, and let the metal fiesta begin! 🤘