Wizards of Hazards - Supernatural


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Wizards of Hazards: Vintage Metal Alchemists Casting a Supernatural Spell!


In the mystical realms of Middle Finland, a bunch of seasoned geezers have emerged, united by a peculiar love for vintage instruments and a passion for crafting heavy tunes. Behold the Wizards of Hazards, a musical alchemy that channels the spirits of analog aeons, with a nod to the heavy metal vibes of the 70s.
Their sonic sorcery doesn't stop at the instruments; the lyrics weave tales of bygone times, supernatural phenomena, and ancient beliefs. In a world drowning in digital chaos, these wizards proudly stand against the current, declaring that digitalization kills something essential in the sound. Analog is their weapon of choice, and they wield it with sonic finesse.
But these wizards aren't in it for the fame or fortune. Commercial purposes are kept at bay unless they open doors to create more music or do some good in the world. It's a refreshing stance in an industry often driven by commercial wizardry.
Live performances? Less is more, they say. Wizards of Hazards hit the road only for those who are truly about to rock, keeping their live gigs as potent as a potion.
Let's talk discography – a magical journey through time. From the unreleased "Black Moon EP" featuring analog enchantments from Studio Audio 2003 to the more recent "Supernatural" sophomore album released via Inverse Records in 2023, each track is a chapter in their mystical saga.
The artwork, an essential ingredient in their musical cauldron, is concocted by the talented Amir Bitar, adding visual enchantment to their auditory spells.
For those seeking an aural Bible, the Wizards of Hazards' YouTube channel, "Audiobible", is a sacred scroll unveiling their musical incantations. Dive into the mystical universe at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChHLQbzZP1FQ1Uen1muPdTg
Entering the Wizards of Hazards' realm is like stepping into a time warp, where vintage vibes meet heavy metal wizardry. The commitment to analog authenticity is a breath of fresh air, standing as a rebellion against the digital storm. From the eerie tales woven in their lyrics to the sonic potions mixed and mastered at Astia-Studio, the Wizards have crafted an enchanting universe.
The live mantra of "less is more" speaks volumes about their dedication to delivering potent performances. Having traversed through the sonic landscapes of their discography, from the unreleased "Black Moon EP" to the spellbinding "Supernatural" album, each note resonates with a timeless charm.
Amir Bitar's visual artistry further amplifies the enchantment, creating a complete sensory experience. The Wizards of Hazards aren't just a band; they're musical alchemists, and their spellbinding journey is one worth embarking on. So, if you're ready to dive into a realm where analog reigns supreme and vintage instruments cast a spell, join the Wizards of Hazards on their mystical journey – it's bound to be nothing short of magical.