Fallen Arise - "Enigma"


Remember, It was Released in 2020:

Fallen Arise to Unveil "Enigma": A Symphonic Metal Odyssey!

The symphonic metal juggernaut, FALLEN ARISE, is set to unleash their third studio opus, "Enigma," upon the world on April 10, 2020! Brace yourselves for a sonic journey that's both contemporary and rooted in melodic/symphonic grandeur.
Hailing from the metal haven of Athens, Greece, FALLEN ARISE has meticulously crafted "Enigma" to refresh their musical palette while staying true to their signature style. The album's nucleus was forged at Soundflakes Recording Studios, Athens, under the keen eye (and ear) of sound engineer John Mcris, a longstanding ally of the band. But wait, there's more! Some sonic sorcery went down at Rock Factory Studios, Siena, Italy, courtesy of Nikos Zannis and Davide Fatemi, adding an international flair to the mix.
Mixing madness? Hell's Kitchen Recording Studio played host to the sonic symphony, with John Mcris once again manning the controls. And for that mastering magic, FALLEN ARISE joined forces with the wizards at Fascination Street Studios, led by the maestro Tony Lindgren.
Visuals? Check. The album's artwork, a tantalizing tapestry of enigma and allure, comes courtesy of the visionary Paul Culley, with layout mastery by Miron Theodoridis. And let's not forget the band's epic photo session at rEvolver Studios, Sweden, lensed by the legendary Patric Ullaeus!
But what about the music? Fear not, fellow headbangers! FALLEN ARISE promises a riveting concoction of contemporary vibes intertwined with their trademark symphonic prowess. Vocalists Fiona Creaby and Vlassis K. lead the charge, backed by the keyboard wizardry of Gus, Spyros Vasilakis' electrifying guitar, Jason Ioakeim's thunderous bass, and the rhythmic onslaught of MariosK on drums.
In their own words, FALLEN ARISE sought to transcend boundaries, weaving pop aesthetics with metal's might and orchestral finesse. "Enigma" emerges as a testament to their evolution and ambition, a sonic tapestry that demands attention and adoration.
So mark your calendars, metal brethren! April 10, 2020, "Enigma" descends upon us, courtesy of ROAR! Rock of Angels Records. Prepare to be enraptured, enthralled, and utterly entranced by FALLEN ARISE's symphonic metal odyssey!
"Enigma" emerges as a tantalizing fusion of symphonic grandeur and contemporary flair, showcasing FALLEN ARISE's evolution while staying true to their roots. From ethereal melodies to thunderous riffs, each track is a testament to the band's prowess and ambition. With stellar production, captivating visuals, and a musical journey that transcends boundaries, "Enigma" cements FALLEN ARISE as a force to be reckoned with in the symphonic metal realm. Prepare for an auditory adventure like no other!

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