Loud As Hell Open Air Festival


Loud As Hell Open Air Festival: Where Metal Roars and Dinosaurs Roam!

Prepare your neck braces and pack your camping gear, because the Alberta badlands are about to erupt with the thunderous sounds of metal! Loud As Hell Open Air Festival returns for its twelfth year, promising a three-day sonic onslaught that'll shake the very foundations of Drumheller, AB, from August 2nd to 4th. And let me tell you, this year's lineup is so ferocious, even the dinosaurs are quaking in their fossils!
Headlining the festivities are none other than the titans of extreme music: Beyond Creation, Malignancy, Vitriol, and the legendary Green Jelly! But that's not all—prepare to be blown away by the sonic onslaught of Striker, Ripcordz, The Convalescence, and a whole horde of metal bands ready to unleash hell upon the Alberta badlands.
But it's not just about the music at Loud As Hell; it's an experience like no other. Picture this: you're headbanging in front of the stage while a T-Rex roars in the background—now that's what I call metal! And let's not forget about the kick-off party at Neighbours' Corner Pub, featuring an acoustic set from Adrian Bellue and performances from Tides of Kharon, Culled, and more.
From the bone-crushing riffs of Malignancy to the comedic chaos of Green Jelly, Loud As Hell promises to be an unforgettable celebration of all things heavy metal.
So, dust off your denim vests, lace up your combat boots, and get ready to rock like it's the end of the world—because Loud As Hell Open Air Festival is back, and it's louder and heavier than ever before!
There's nothing quite like the feeling of standing in a sea of fellow headbangers, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Alberta badlands, as the sound of metal fills the air. And with a lineup as stacked as this year's, I know that Loud As Hell 2024 is going to be an experience exceptional.
From the brutal intensity of Malignancy to the whimsical chaos of Green Jelly, there's something for every metal fan at Loud As Hell. So grab your tickets, pack your tent, and prepare to unleash your inner beast—because Loud As Hell Open Air Festival is waiting for you, horns held high and speakers set to eleven!
Weekend Passes (including camping) are available at https://www.loudashell.ca/tickets