Michael Alan - "Ain't No Sunshine"


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Michael Alan Shares Instrumental Cover Of "Ain't No Sunshine"

British rock guitarist Michael Alan announces the release of his new video single and instrumental rendition of the much revered Bill Withers classic - 'Ain't No Sunshine'.
Whilst maintaining the soulful overtones of the original version, Michael Alan steers the journey into modern blues-rock territories, delivering licks and phrasing reminiscent of legends such as Gary Moore, Eric Johnson & Jeff Healey. Feel, emotion and melodic simplicity have always been at the heart of Michael Alan's approach to guitar playing and here is no exception. Michael's personal arrangement of 'Ain't No Sunshine' respectfully mirrors the song's melody lines but doesn't hold him back from throwing his own personality into the mix.
Michael Alan comments 'Everyone knows the song and I hope that my version hits the right place of emotion for everyone that listens to it. As an instrumental, the song has a lot of personal meaning to me and it suited my playing style and love for a simple beautiful melody.'
The Leeds (UK) based musician has served his time in many bands over the last 40 years. Since launching himself as an instrumental solo act in 2020, Michael has been steadily building his reputation as a guitarist intensely focused on melody and emotion. His 2023 debut album 'Calling' (Sliptrick Records) has earned him support from radio stations around the world, coverage on various online webzines and features in national publications such as PowerPlay Magazine.