NoSelf Featuring ROBOT - "Rabbit Hole"


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NoSelf Unleashes Rowdy Single "Rabbit Hole" Featuring ROBOT


Central Florida's Alternative Metal force, NoSelf, has unleashed their raucous new single, "Rabbit Hole", featuring ROBOT. The band is back with a bang, eager to showcase their latest musical endeavor to fans.
Check Out "Rabbit Hole" Here: Rabbit Hole - NoSelf feat. ROBOT
In a statement, NoSelf expresses their excitement, saying, "We're finally back with some new music for you all, we can’t wait to show what we have in store!"
The band released "Whore Bath", a track that will be featured in the film titled "Red Light District Shark Attack". The music video for this song is available here.
NoSelf initially secured a global distribution deal with Zombie Shark Records in 2017, founded by Noah “Shark” Robertson (Motograter/Jeffrey Nothing/The Browning). Under Zombie Shark Records, NoSelf has released three full-length albums: 'Human-Cyborg Relations: Episode I' (2017), 'Human-Cyborg Relations: Episode II' (2019), followed by 'Human-Cyborg Relations: Episode III' (2021).
Known for infusing a modern twist into the nu-metal genre, NoSelf draws inspiration from bands like Deftones, Spineshank, Adema, Nothingface, and Korn. Their sound is reminiscent of contemporaries such as Cane Hill, DED, My Ticket Home, and Issues.
"Rabbit Hole" is now available on all major digital music platforms, offering fans a taste of NoSelf's energetic and distinctive musical style.