Past and Secrets - "Another Day, Another Time"


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Past and Secrets: New EP "Another Day, Another Time", released on April 25, 2024

Past And Secrets - "Come on board" (feat. Radek Stojda)

In the vast expanse of the metal multiverse, there exists a celestial anomaly known as Past And Secrets—an ethereal blend of atmospheric, ambient, and djent elements, sprinkled with a hint of progressive quirkiness. Led by the maestro Yohan DELASALLE, this instrumental endeavor takes listeners on a sonic journey through melancholic yet ethereal compositions, adorned with heavy, catchy riffs, and mesmerizing solos.
Emerging amidst the cosmic chaos of 2019, this One Man Band embarked on its voyage with singles like "Baby M" and "Born," paving the way for the debut album, "Memories," in October 2020. Drawing inspiration from a tapestry of past and present events, the album garnered acclaim, fueling the creative fire within Yohan BELASALLE.
A stellar rendition of Pink Floyd's classic "Learning To Fly" further solidified the project's reputation, propelling it into the stratosphere of musical excellence.
Undeterred by cosmic forces, a second EP titled "Another Day, Another Time" emerges in the celestial year of 2024. Each track from Past And Secrets serves as a gateway to introspection, inviting listeners to surrender to the waves of emotion it evokes. Embark on this exceptional musical voyage and allow yourself to be carried away by the unique sensory experience offered by Past And Secrets.
With 25 years of guitar wizardry under his belt, Yohan DELASALLE stands as a testament to musical prowess. Eclectic in his influences—from Pink Floyd to Van Halen, Genesis to extreme metal—he commands both critical acclaim and public adoration, supported by a legion of loyal followers and numerous endorsements. In 2019, driven by a desire to merge atmosphere with energy, he birthed the project "Past And Secrets". Its inaugural album, released in 2020, met with resounding success. Now, he returns with a sophomore offering, promising to transport you to new dimensions within his captivating musical universe. Surrender to this sonic journey crafted by Yohan DELASALLE.
Another Day, Another Time: The New EP from Past And Secrets
Prepare for a journey unlike any other with Past and Secrets, a potent blend of energy and ambiance, joy and melancholy, rage and tranquility across five brand-new tracks. This instrumental EP, spanning 22 minutes, immerses you in themes dear to the artist's heart: life, death, a fresh perspective on the world, and memories both past and future. Each piece is a captivating wellspring of inspiration, with thunderous riffs, dynamic percussion, soaring samples, and blistering solos defining its distinct atmosphere. Don't miss out on this sonic revelation!
To celebrate the EP's release, Past and Secrets returns to the stage with a 30-minute set blending tracks from "Memories" and "Another Day, Another Time", along with a few surprises! It's a challenge the artist embraces, stepping onto the stage alone, showcasing both gear prowess and live performance skills.
In the ever-shifting cosmos of metal, Past And Secrets shines as a celestial beacon, beckoning listeners to explore the depths of their musical universe. Join the journey, and let the sonic waves of Past And Secrets carry you to realms unknown.