Rylos - "Back of the Line"


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"Back of the Line" by Rylos: A Powerful Anthem for Those Forgotten in Today's Society

From the frosty realms of Finland, hard rock brigade Rylos has launched their latest dirge, "Back of the Line". This melancholic melody drills deep into the dark underbelly of modern western societies, serving a raw, sonic reflection of our times.
Listen, if you dare, on Spotify and YouTube, and let the somber symphony of Rylos pull you into a whirlpool of poignant realism and crushing riffs.
"Back of the Line" narrates the grim tale of a man lost to society due to illness. He's tossed into oblivion, feeling worthless and unseen. As he lingers perennially at the back of the line, frustration boils over into a one-man riot on the parliamentary steps. Yet, he remains unnoticed. It begs the question, does anyone truly care about us?
Rylos isn't a new player in the game. For a decade, they've been crafting music like blacksmiths forging iron - relentlessly and with fiery passion. With four albums, seven singles, and even a video game ( Space Adventure: https://www.rylosplanet.fi/#store ) under their studded belts, they're currently on tour, while also recording their fifth studio album "Signs of Life".
As a metalhead, I've weathered many a storm of sound. "Back of the Line" hits differently. It's a gut punch that leaves you winded, yet wanting more. It's a metal mirror reflecting our society's ugly truth. But it's also a testament to Rylos' mastery, their ability to weave a tale as haunting as their melodies.
To the uninitiated, Rylos might just seem like another band on the block. To those in the know, they're a monolith of melancholic metal, standing tall in the face of societal decay. Rock on, Rylos, rock on.
Rylos Line Up:
Mikko Heino – Vocals
Juha- Pekka Pusa – Guitar
Riina Suikkanen – Bass
Niko Partanen – Drums