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Severed Angel, the New York/Pennsylvania-based melodic metal maestros, are back with a thunderous bang in their eagerly awaited sophomore album, “Skyward.” Following the roaring success of their self-titled debut in 2023, “Skyward” not only showcases the band’s evolution as songsmiths but also retains their signature melodic prowess.
Lead guitarist Lou Mavs asserts, “Being independent allows us the freedom to steer our ship without interference. But make no mistake, we’re a band of equals who live and breathe melody, structure, and presentation. If a riff doesn’t strike us, it’s not hitting the airwaves.”
Keyboardist Marc Muchnik adds, “We aimed to transcend our debut, focusing on crafting killer tunes and top-tier performances. The result? ‘Skyward’ isn’t just a worthy successor; it’s the pinnacle of Severed Angel.”
Produced and mixed by vocalist/guitarist Alex Repetti, and mastered by Joel Wanasek, “Skyward” is a symphony of influences, blending into a maelstrom of melodic, thrashing brilliance.
Their lead single, “Tyrant On The Throne” not only exemplifies their groove-laden mastery but also marks their first foray into animated music videos. Drummer Wayne Noon explains, “Our buddy Mandeer from Frostbite BC cooked up this visual spectacle, perfectly syncing with the track’s intensity".
“Skyward” hits the shelves on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2024, across all streaming platforms, with pre-orders kicking off on Tuesday, February 13th, via their website.
Severed Angel:
Alex Repetti – Vocals, Guitar
Lou Mavs – Guitar, Vocals
George Dimitri – Bass Guitar
Marc Muchnik – Keyboards
Wayne Noon – Drums
Guest Musician:
Gail Bourque – Vocals on “Citipati”
Production Credits:
Produced and Mixed by Alex Repetti
Mastered by Joel Wanasek
All songs written by Severed Angel
Official Website:
Personal Take:Severed Angel’s “Skyward” isn’t just an album; it’s a meteoric rise into melodic metal’s stratosphere. From the ferocious riffs to the animated visuals, it’s a testament to their musical maturation. Get ready to soar with the angels!