TANORK - "Destined To Die"

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TANORK's Debut Album "Destined To Die": Breton Rebels Take the Metal Stage on March 15, 2024!

Grab your armor and prepare for a wild ride! Tanork, the teenage powerhouse from Rennes, is dropping their first bomb, "Destined To Die," on March 15, 2024. Meet the dynamic duo behind the madness – Eflam, 17, on vocals and guitar, and Melaine, also 17, holding it down on bass and vocals. Who needs a drummer when you've got a killer beat machine?
These Breton badasses are on a mission, waving the metal flag high for their culture. Singing in Breton (with a dash of English chaos), Tanork is all about shouting for the underdogs. They tackle everything from animal rights to the heavy stuff like war and the dark shadows of colonization. Hold on to your headbanging hats, folks!
Their metal stew is spiced up with influences from the metal gods themselves – Sepultura's groove, Death's speed, Morbid Angel's weight, and Suffocation's brutal punch. If your neck isn't sore after this, you might need a metal check-up.
For a sneak peek into the metal storm, check out their single "Kerfank"
It's like a rollercoaster for your ears – you won't know what hit you.
Ready to dive into the chaos?
Pre-order "Destined To Die via MusikÖ_Eye Prod: https://urlz.fr/pKSO
Your eardrums will thank you later.
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Tanork's "Destined To Die" is like a musical rebellion manifesto. The Breton twist adds a spicy kick to their metal brew, making it a headbang-worthy experience. In a world drowning in the usual, Tanork's here to shake things up. Get ready for an eargasmic journey – you won't regret it.