Volucrine - "ETNA"

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Volucrine Unleashes ETNA: A Finnish Metal Eruption to Set Your Soul Ablaze!

Hold on to your battle vests, metalheads, because the Finnish modern metal juggernauts, Volucrine, just dropped their highly anticipated fourth studio album, ETNA, like a sonic bomb from the cold Kymijoki river! Released on February 16, 2024, via Inverse Records, this album is not just music; it's a volcanic eruption of emotions, fire, and primal frenzy.
Listen to ETNA and Brace for Impact!
Volucrine - ETNA
Vocalist Jupe Velin couldn't contain his excitement, stating, "Hard to believe we're finally here!" No kidding, Jupe! After diving into the depths of uncertainty during the Covid pandemic, Volucrine emerged with an album that's a diamond forged under extreme conditions. Borrowing its name from a volcano, ETNA piles up pressure, fire, and ash, and now, these stories and emotions are erupting with explosive force.
The album is a modern metal masterpiece, exploring deeper layers with the power of 7-string guitars and lower tunings. The result? A solid entity where brooding alternative metal lays the foundation for personal and varied vocal arrangements. Mixing elements of progressive metal, melodic death metal, and metalcore with the conventions of pop and rock, Volucrine crafted a diverse soundscape.
The magic behind the scenes? Bassist Joni Kyynäräinen from KyySounds took charge of the recordings and mixing, creating the best-sounding ensemble in Volucrine's discography. Mastering by MIRO MASTERING ensures the album crushes like a metalhead's heart when they hear a killer riff.
Volucrine's Origins:
Founded in 2009, Volucrine is more than a band; it's a force of nature that grew up by the cold Kymijoki river, shadows of Kouvola's concrete structures. The mission? To tell stories of relatable emotions and challenges, reflecting and articulating humane themes beyond the borders of pain.
ETNA Tracklist: A Musical Odyssey through Volcanic Emotions
Old Friend
Scarred Earth
The Verge
Volucrine's Powerhouse Line-up: Meet the Titans!
Jupe Velin – Vocals
Joni Kyynäräinen – Bass
Antti Heikkilä – Guitar
Jani Aalto – Drums & Percussion
ETNA, a Fiery Odyssey Worth Every Headbang!
Volucrine's ETNA is a journey worth taking. The album is a testament to the band's resilience, creativity, and ability to forge diamonds in the fires of challenges. Brace yourselves for a musical eruption that leaves you craving more. Volucrine, you've outdone yourselves \m/