Bury The Shadows - "Born To Rock"


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Bury The Shadows: Igniting the Hard Rock Inferno with "Born To Rock"

Hey there, rockers! Get ready to crank up the volume and unleash your inner headbanger, because Bury The Shadows is back with a vengeance, and they're about to blow your mind with their latest promo E.P., "Born To Rock"!
Hailing from the heart of Central USA, Bury The Shadows is a hard-hitting quintet that's been tearing up stages and melting faces for nearly seven years. With Andrew K leading the charge on vocals, Jeff H pounding the drums, Robbie A and Will B shredding on guitars, and Dave W holding it down on bass, this band is a force to be reckoned with.
"Born To Rock", is a sonic assault on the senses that'll leave you breathless from start to finish. From the blistering riffs of the title track to the anthemic choruses of "Rock 'Til We Die", this E.P. is a high-octane thrill ride that's guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your fists pumping in the air.
But it's not just about the music – it's about the experience. Whether they're sharing the stage with legends like Puddle Of Mudd and TRAPT or rocking out at local dive bars, Bury The Shadows brings an energy and intensity to their performances that's impossible to ignore.
So grab your air guitar, throw up those horns, and get ready to rock out with Bury The Shadows. Trust me, once you've experienced the raw power of their music, you'll never want to go back to boring old radio tunes again.
Bury The Shadows is a hard-hitting quintet based in Central USA, known for their electrifying live performances and infectious sound. With a lineup that's as tight as it is talented, this band is on a mission to take the hard rock world by storm. So keep your eyes and ears peeled – because Bury The Shadows is here to stay.
I have to say, Bury The Shadows' "Born To Rock" E.P. is an absolute banger from start to finish. From the moment I hit play, I was transported to a world of blistering riffs, pounding drums, and soaring vocals – and I loved every minute of it. So do yourself a favor and give these guys a listen – you won't regret it!
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Band Members:
Andrew K/ Vocalist
Jeff H/ Drums
Robbie A/ Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Will B/ Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Dave W/ Bass