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Caeli Concept Unleashes Celestial Chaos with "Lunaison" Album!

Hold onto your leather jackets and brace yourselves for a cosmic journey through the realms of prog-metal excellence! French prog metal wizards, Caeli Concept, are back with a bang, teaming up with the formidable force that is Wormholedeath to bring you their latest opus, "Lunaison", dropping like a meteor of musical mayhem on April 19th, 2024.
Formed in the fires of innovation back in 2019, Caeli Concept isn't your run-of-the-mill metal ensemble. With the visionary duo of Benoit Serret and Clément Réviriego leading the charge on bass and guitar, respectively, the band's evolution has been nothing short of stellar. Add Clément Denys on drums and Flavien Morel on keyboards, and you've got a lineup primed to blow minds.
Their debut album, "The Dark Playground", hit the scene like a sonic tsunami in 2021, leaving audiences in awe of their audacious blend of prog-rock goodness.
Fast forward to 2024, and Caeli Concept is ready to redefine the very fabric of the metal universe with "Lunaison". Recorded amidst the mystical vibes of the Wolf Abbey studio and sprinkled with the production magic of Acle Kahney, this album is a celestial odyssey.
With a lineup boasting an array of guest musicians, including the brass section from their debut album and some vocal heavyweights like Yann Ligner from Klone, "Lunaison" promises to be a sonic spectacle like no other.
So, what can you expect from "Lunaison"? Picture this: ethereal melodies colliding with thunderous rhythms, brass harmonies soaring through the stratosphere, and vocals that echo across the cosmos. It's a sonic concoction that defies gravity and takes you on a journey through the stars.
Tracks like "Буря" (yes, that's Cyrillic for 'storm'—brace yourselves!) and "Dearest Wind" will whisk you away to distant galaxies, while "Vocifère" will leave you screaming for more.
In a musical landscape cluttered with cookie-cutter bands, Caeli Concept stands as a shining beacon of creativity and innovation. "Lunaison" isn't just an album—it's a testament to the boundless possibilities of music.
Whether you're a seasoned prog-head or a curious explorer of the musical cosmos, "Lunaison" demands your attention. Buckle up, fellow metalheads. The ride is about to get wild!
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Tracklist for "Lunaison":
These Cold Woods
The Time Of A Sigh
Dearest Wind
Silver Tree
Limpia Tus Ventanas
So, mark your calendars, set your amplifiers to 11, and get ready to embark on a journey through the stars with Caeli Concept's "Lunaison". This is one musical odyssey you won't want to miss! 🤘