Dishumanized - "The Maze of Solitude"

Papy Jeff Metal's Favourite of the Day

Prepare to embark on a musical journey that's as twisted and intense as a mosh pit at a Slayer concert. Meet Harald Berger, the mastermind behind the solo project Dishumanized, a force to be reckoned with in the metal world.
Berger's metal saga began with him pounding the skins as a drummer and belting out guttural vocals, but it wasn't long before he traded in his sticks for a guitar and joined the ranks of the death metal outfit Diabolic Voices in 2000.
As fate would have it, when the lead singer bid adieu to Diabolic Voices, Berger stepped up to the mic, proving he's not just a killer guitarist but a powerhouse vocalist too. Together, they released the demo "Screams of Anger" in 2003, setting the stage for their brutal onslaught.
But like any good metal story, Diabolic Voices underwent some lineup changes and evolved into the thrash metal machine known as Zerofour in 2004. With a fresh name and a new sound, they dropped the EP "Only Time" in 2005, followed by the albums "The Desert of Reality" (2006) and "The Downfall of Humanity" (2008).
Now, "The Downfall of Humanity" wasn't just any ol' album. Berger cooked up a concept that delved deep into the dark abyss of humanity's demise, tackling everything from war to techno-dystopia.
In 2009, Berger bid farewell to Zerofour and poured his creative juices into Deathplagued, a band he birthed in 2008. But alas, the metal gods were fickle, and Deathplagued met its demise in 2011 after dropping just one album, "Beyond" (2009).
Undeterred by the chaos of band life, Berger forged ahead, channeling his frustrations into Dishumanized, his solo brainchild born in 2017. With Berger at the helm, Dishumanized isn't your typical solo project—it's a one-man wrecking crew fueled by thrash and death metal fury, sprinkled with influences from legends like Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, and even Rammstein.
After teasing fans with singles, Dishumanized dropped their debut album, "The Maze of Solitude", in 2023, cementing Berger's status as a metal maestro to watch. And the best part?
So, metalheads, buckle up and brace yourselves for the sonic onslaught that is Dishumanized. With plans to conquer the stage with live members and churn out more albums with guest musicians, the future of metal has never looked brighter—or darker.
Dishumanized isn't just another metal project; it's a testament to one man's unyielding passion for the genre. Berger's journey from drummer to frontman to solo virtuoso is a metal odyssey worth raising your horns to. With "The Maze of Solitude", he proves that true metal greatness knows no bounds. Keep shredding, Harald. We're headbanging right along with you.