From Hell - "Rats And Ravens"

FROM HELL Unleashes Musical Horror with "Rats And Ravens"
In the unholy cauldron of metal, where darkness reigns and riffs are sharper than a demon's fang, emerges FROM HELL, a band that embodies the macabre with every note. Their latest offering, "Rats And Ravens," is a sinister symphony that plunges listeners into the heart of medieval terror.
From the depths of eastern Europe in the Mid 13th Century, FROM HELL conjures a tale that would make even the most seasoned metalhead's blood run cold. Picture this: a father, tormented by unseen forces, dares to disturb an ancient evil lurking in the shadows. But his actions awaken a witch of unspeakable power, thirsting for the souls of innocents. Thus begins a harrowing saga of abduction, sacrifice, and unholy resurrection, all under the watchful gaze of the god of vermin.
Released on May 22, 2020, via the infernal label Scourge Records, "Rats And Ravens" promised to be a beacon of darkness in a world consumed by chaos. Yet, fate had other plans. The pandemic descended like a plague upon the land, thwarting FROM HELL's plans for a European tour supporting the legendary Atheist not once, not twice, but thrice! Ah, the whims of fate are as fickle as a black metal guitarist's tuning.
But fear not, fellow disciples of the dark arts, for FROM HELL refuses to be silenced. Despite the setbacks, the band perseveres, fueled by a relentless passion to unleash their sonic terror upon the masses once more. As they defiantly proclaim, "things seem to be turning around, and we’re eager to get out and play again and soon get back in the studio to work on a new record."
Indeed, the fires of hell may flicker, but they shall never be extinguished. With "Rats And Ravens" as their unholy scripture, FROM HELL stands poised to reclaim their rightful throne atop the pantheon of metal's darkest deities. So, brace yourselves, mortals, for the night is dark and full of terrors, and FROM HELL shall be your guide through the abyss.
And now, as this humble scribe offers his final decree, let it be known that "Rats And Ravens" is more than just an album—it is a gateway to realms unseen, a testament to the enduring power of metal to conquer even the darkest of nights. So, heed the call of FROM HELL, and may your journey through the shadows be filled with riffs as sharp as the scythe of Death himself.