Furies - “Stars Of Burning Lands"

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“Stars Of Burning Lands"

Available now on all platforms https://furies.ffm.to/starsofburninglands

This release marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Furies, who solidified their lineup a few months ago and have been diligently working on the successor to Fortune’s Gate, their debut album released in 2020. On this new track, the guitars deepen the ferocity already perceptible in Poisoned their previous single, while retaining the characteristic epic and heavy style of Furies' compositions. The atmosphere is dark, accentuated by the imposing foundation of the drums, and the song unfolds like an immersive sonic canvas where Cheyenne's voice stands out for her fabulous interpretation. Composed by Guillaume during the lockdown, Stars of Burning Lands conceals within its universe certain Black Metal influences that inspired the artwork illustrated by Slo.
The video, directed by Antoine Doyen, was filmed in Paris at Studio 104 of the national radio group Radio France, during a residency in December 2023. It was an exceptional opportunity for Furies to work on the stage of this legendary studio, which hosts the most prestigious artists, guests, and shows at Maison de la Radio.

Watch “Stars Of Burning Lands” video shot at Studio 104 of Maison de la Radio
Furies recently announced a Parisian concert at Les Étoiles as support for the American band Wings Of Steel on May 16, 2024. Presales are already available HERE:
The band is also set to perform at Furios Fest 2024 in Saint-Flour next August, so book your tickets now!
Partially recorded at Labomatic Studios by Igor Moreno and in the various home studios of the musicians, Stars Of Burning Lands was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Dominations Studios.