W't'M - "Cold has Come"

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W't'M Unleashes Powerful Single "Cold has Come" featuring Michael Bastholm Dahl

Get ready to bang your head and raise those devil horns high as W't'M, the rising sensation in Danish Heavy Metal, drops their latest single "Cold has Come" today. This track hits like a sledgehammer, showcasing the vocal prowess of none other than Michael Bastholm Dahl, the electrifying force behind thrash metal veterans Artillery.
Emerging from the fiery depths of the Danish Metal Cross, W't'M has been on a rampage, churning out high-octane singles like "Sorry", "Moments of Light" and "A Symphony of Brilliance". With the mesmerizing vocals of Italian singer Marica Moire, their music has been dominating airwaves across 30 countries, solidifying their grip on the global metal scene.
"Cold has Come" is a reimagining of the 2011 Danish-language anthem "Kold og Bitter", originally fronted by Per Johansson (Ex-Fate). In this English rendition, Michael Bastholm Dahl unleashes a sonic storm, reminding us why he's hailed as a rock icon. Produced by the mastermind Andreas Linnemann, the track is a sonic assault that cements Dahl's reign as a vocal titan.
But hold onto your leather-clad horses because W't'M isn't done yet. They're gearing up to drop three more tracks, including "For the Sake of It All", where Dahl steps in as both lyricist and vocalist, promising a headbanging journey reminiscent of classic bands like Deep Purple and Pretty Maids.
Next up, "Eternal Echoes", sung by the enchanting Carmen Grandi, offers a haunting contrast to Dahl's raw power, blending W't'M's hard edge with softer nuances in a spine-tingling ode to the beyond. And let's not forget Marica Moire's return in "There Is Only One", a homage to 70s progressive rock infused with W't'M's signature modern flair.
With a lineup bursting with talent and energy, W't'M is set to tear through the Danish metal scene like a sonic tornado. Keep your eyes peeled for this dynamic group as they continue to unleash music that'll echo through the ages.
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I can't help but be excited about W't'M's latest offering. "Cold has Come" hits hard and leaves a mark, showcasing the band's evolution while staying true to their roots. With Dahl's powerhouse vocals leading the charge, supported by an eclectic mix of talent, W't'M proves they're a force to be reckoned with in the metal realm. So, crank up the volume, raise those horns, and let W't'M take you on a wild ride through the realms of heavy metal madness!