Akphaezya - "Fell Down The Veil"


Akphaezya: Unveiling the Final Chapter of Musical Mystery - Help Fund Their Epic Conclusion!

Metalheads, it's time to rally behind AKPHAEZYA as they gear up to deliver the grand finale of their musical odyssey. But here's the catch: they need our help to make it happen!
Founded in 2002 by guitar maestro Stephan H. Zag-Zero, AKPHAEZYA has always danced to the beat of their own drum—quite literally, with their jazz, rock, and salsa-infused prog metal sound. Now, after a 12-year hiatus, they're back with a vengeance, ready to unleash the final chapter of their epic tale.
But creating an album of this magnitude isn't cheap. That's where you come in. By contributing to their crowdfunding campaign, you'll not only help AKPHAEZYA bring their vision to life but also become a part of metal history.

Imagine being able to say, "I helped fund the epic conclusion of AKPHAEZYA's musical saga." It's like being a modern-day Medici, except instead of funding Renaissance art, you're supporting the creation of mind-bending prog metal masterpieces.
So, don your armor, grab your sword, and head over to their crowdfunding page to make your mark on metal history. Together, we can ensure that AKPHAEZYA's final album is a fitting conclusion to their legendary journey.
I'm thrilled to see them return to the spotlight. But they can't do it alone. So let's show them some metal love and help make their final album a reality. Horns up, metalheads! Let's do this!