Chalice Of Malice - "The Pillars of Hercules"


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Chalice Of Malice Unleashes the Power of "The Pillars of Hercules"!

Chalice Of Malice - "Murder In Absolution"

Hold onto your battleaxes, metal warriors, because Chalice Of Malice is about to take you on an epic journey through the hallowed halls of heavy metal with their debut album, "The Pillars of Hercules". Released on April 6, 2024, this American melodic heavy/power metal band from the metal heartland of Cleveland, Ohio, is ready to shake the very foundations of the earth with their sonic onslaught.
Formed in the distant metal past of 2003 by Scott Young (Vocals/Guitars) and Tony Howard (Vocals/Bass), Chalice Of Malice began their quest for metal supremacy as a humble side project. But like all great metal tales, their journey has led them to this moment—the unleashing of their full-length debut album.
"The Pillars of Hercules" is a testament to the band's dedication to the craft of power metal songwriting. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the wizardry of Scott Young himself at "Nothingland Studios" in Cleveland, this album is a sonic titan that's ready to conquer the metal world.
Featuring a lineup that's tighter than a warrior's grip on his battleaxe—Scott Young (Vocals/Guitars), Tony Howard (Vocals/Bass), Taylor Netzler (Vocals/Guitars), and Chris Hoffman (Drums)—Chalice Of Malice delivers a metal assault that's as relentless as a Viking horde and as epic as a Tolkien saga.
From the thunderous drums that'll make your heart pound like a war drum to the soaring vocals that'll send shivers down your spine, "The Pillars of Hercules" is a metal masterpiece that demands to be heard. Each track is a sonic odyssey that'll transport you to the far reaches of the metal realm, where dragons soar and warriors clash in epic battles.
So, grab your swords, raise your horns, and prepare to embark on a quest for metal glory with Chalice Of Malice. With "The Pillars of Hercules", they've not only arrived—they've conquered. So join me, fellow metalheads, in saluting the new champions of the metal world!
As a devout disciple of the metal gods, I've been eagerly awaiting the unleashing of Chalice Of Malice's debut album, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. "The Pillars of Hercules" is a sonic colossus that's as epic as the legends of old and as powerful as the gods themselves. From the blistering riffs to the epic vocals, every track is a testament to the band's mastery of the metal craft. Chalice Of Malice has not only arrived—they've conquered. So raise your horns, fellow metalheads, and join me in saluting the new kings of the metal realm!