Coilguns - "We Missed The Parade"


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Coilguns Unleashes Hell with "We Missed The Parade"

Ladies and gentlemen, brace your ears and souls, because Coilguns, the Swiss punk hardcore band, has just dropped a sonic bomb with their new single "We Missed The Parade".
This track, a true punk hardcore anthem, is available digitally and on limited edition vinyl through Humus Records. If you haven’t clicked the link to listen yet, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, I’ll wait.
The music video for "We Missed The Parade" is raw and authentic, filmed and edited by Zachary Hug. The footage was captured during their UK tour and exudes the band’s energy and passion. Zach, initially a stage technician, took the camera into his own hands and documented each concert night, turning a logistical problem into a creative opportunity.
The result? A homemade clip that breathes camaraderie and the DIY spirit. You can watch it here:
A Sound That Hits Hard"We Missed The Parade" is a future punk hardcore classic, designed to please fans of Converge, The Bronx, Touché Amoré, or At The Drive-In. Written, arranged, and produced by Coilguns, the track was recorded by Scott Evans at Ocean Sounds studio in Norway, mixed by Tom Dalgety, and mastered by Robin Schmidt.
The song speaks of aging, persistence in our habits, and how we keep moving forward, no matter what. A universal theme, treated with the rage and sincerity that characterize Coilguns.
After a collaborative EP with Birds in Row and a 10-date UK tour with Pupil Slicer, Coilguns continues to climb the ranks of the punk hardcore scene. Their discography, including three studio albums and several EPs, has been praised by critics in Europe and across the Atlantic.
The band has also made a lasting impression at prestigious festivals such as Hellfest, Paléo Festival, and Roadburn.My Metalhead OpinionAs a journalist and die-hard metalhead, I must say that Coilguns hits hard with "We Missed The Parade".
This track is a concentrate of power and raw emotion, a true sonic uppercut. The DIY aesthetic of the clip adds an extra dimension to the experience. Coilguns proves once again that they are a band to watch closely. Their ability to capture the essence of punk hardcore while adding their personal touch is impressive.
So, put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and let yourself be carried away by the Coilguns wave. You won’t regret it. \m/To listen to the single on your favorite platforms:
And for the true fans, the limited edition vinyl is available here: