Hyldr - "Order of the Mist"

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Hyldr Unleashes Gothic Doom Metal Masterpiece "Order of the Mist"


Prepare to be enchanted and haunted by the debut album from Belgium's gothic doom metal band, HYLDR. Their first album, "Order of the Mist," now available physically with a new bonus track, takes listeners on a dark, melodic journey into Viking and Yokai mythology. Guided by the mesmerizing voice of Lady IX, HYLDR creates an atmospheric experience that lingers long after the music stops.
The Story Behind the Music"Order of the Mist" features intricate melodies composed by VI (guitars) even before the band’s first rehearsal. With Lady IX's haunting vocals, these melodies transformed into epic metal operas. The album tells the tale of a young girl from Hokkaido trapped in a Norse mythological realm. It’s a narrative journey through Nebelwood Forest, where the mysterious Huldra folk use mist to resurrect the dead and manipulate humanity into an eternal struggle.
Album Tracks:
Order of the Mist
Heart of Soil
My Gallant Assassin
Your Frozen Chest
The Blade of Gold
Bed of Germs
Like Dying Ferns
Woodland Shrine
Garden of Idunn
Band Line-up:
Lady IX - Vocals/Piano
VI - Guitars
Jean - Guitars
Wöde - Bass
Saiko - Drums

Since forming in 2021, HYLDR has released three music videos and their debut album, "Order of the Mist." The album combines Japanese aesthetics with Nordic mysticism, creating a heavy, original soundscape. On stage, Lady IX's presence, masked and dressed in a black leather kimono, provides a visually and sonically immersive experience.
If you’re into gothic metal with a blend of mythological storytelling, HYLDR's "Order of the Mist" is an album you can't afford to miss. Dive into the mist and let the music carry you away.