Reboot - "Dans tes mains"

Reboot, composed of Kourros on lead vocals, Nicolas Dutaut on guitar, Jos on bass guitar, and Yanis Bergheul on drums, offers us an uncompromising musical experience."In your hands" is a true sonic explosion, with sharp riffs that tear through the air and a rhythm that pounds in your eardrums.
Kourros, with his raw and powerful voice, takes us on a whirlwind of emotions. His lyrics in French add a touch of intensity and passion to this rock epic.This track is a true ode to freedom and rebellion. The guitars intertwine in a frenzied dance, creating an enchanting and energetic atmosphere. Jos's bass adds a dark and ruthless depth, while Yanis Bergheul's drums set the pace with contagious frenzy.
"Dans tes mains" is a title that recalls the glory days of rock, with a modern touch and a rebellious attitude. Fans of Metal and Rock will find joy in this sonic explosion that leaves no one indifferent.
So, put on your headphones, get ready to headbang, and let yourself be carried away by the devastating power of Reboot and their new track "Dans tes mains". Rock/Metal has never been so vibrant and captivating.
Rock on! \m/