Sacra - “Oblivion”


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Out Now! Sacra’s Debut Album “Oblivion” Is a Melodic Death/Black Metal Masterpiece

Metalheads, gather 'round! We've got some scorching hot news straight from the fiery forges of Spain. The melodic death/black metal band Sacra has dropped their debut album, "Oblivion" and it’s a total ripper. If you’re ready to get your face melted and your soul obliterated, this album is exactly what the metal doctor ordered.
Sacra was forged in the chaotic year of 2020 in the historic town of Nájera. The band was born when guitarist Alberto Sodupe Puras and drummer Raúl Ceballos decided to explore the brutal realms of Black-Death metal. After some lineup tweaks, they welcomed Rafa as their ferocious vocalist and Javipa on bass, completing a lineup that's as tight as it is lethal.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the wizard Gerardo Lumbreras in his home studio, “Oblivion” sounds incredible. The production captures every nuance of their aggressive yet melodic sound.
From the very first track, "Shadow of the Past", you’re pulled into a whirlwind of blistering guitar riffs, pounding drums, and guttural vocals that sound like they’re coming straight from the abyss. “Fury Unleashed” hits you with melodic ferocity, “Embrace the Void” will have you banging your head like there’s no tomorrow, and “Darkened Horizons” plunges you into the blackest depths of metal.
You don’t have to take my word for it. Plug in your headphones and check it out on Spotify here. Crank up the volume, let the double bass drums shake your bones, and let Rafa’s growls guide you through this epic descent.
“Oblivion” is an absolute beast of a debut. It’s got everything you want from a metal album: it’s heavy, it’s melodic, and it’s packed with raw emotion. Sacra has made a powerful entry into the metal scene, and I’m stoked to see where they go from here.
Get ready to be blown away by Sacra’s “Oblivion”. It’s an album that demands your full attention and will leave you craving more. Metal on, my friends!