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Souls of Diotima Set to Rock the Rock'n Beer Festival with Stratovarius and More!

Hey metalheads, get ready for an epic showdown! Italian metal maestros Souls of Diotima have confirmed they'll be tearing up the stage at the Rock'n Beer Festival on August 2nd in Valledoria, Sardinia. And the best part? They'll be sharing the spotlight with the legendary Stratovarius and a host of other killer bands. Mark your calendars for August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th because this festival is going to be a blast—and it's free entry!
The band is buzzing with excitement, sharing: "Hey Souls.... Finally after many years, we return to play in our island together with Stratovarius and many others! What better occasion to celebrate our 20-year career than to play in our land? So no excuses, see you at Rock'n Beer in Valledoria on 02 August! 🤘"
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Souls of Diotima are known for their unique blend of traditional, progressive, and symphonic metal, with a dash of gothic flair. Their music is an immersive experience, conjuring vivid imagery and powerful emotions, much like an epic film soundtrack. Hailing from of Sardinia, their sound is infused with the rich, atmospheric traditions of their homeland, making them a truly distinctive force in the metal world.
Over the years, they've toured extensively, sharing stages with the likes of Obituary, Hatebreed, Vision Divine, DGM, Folkstone, and Saurom. Their impressive resume also includes collaborations with top European producers, including Jens Bogren and their current producer, Oscar Nilsson. In 2017, they even founded their own label, Diotima Records Music Management LTD, and have since headlined the Diotima Metal Fest in Paris to support Parkinson's research.
Recently, Souls of Diotima surprised fans with a cover of Phil Collins' "Another Day in Paradise" to celebrate their 20th anniversary. This single is a standalone release, not included in their upcoming fifth album. The band says, "This single is a kind of bonus and will not be contained in our next album, so it is a stand-alone release just to celebrate our 20th anniversary and surprise our fans in the meantime when we are working on our fifth album."
Curious about this new release? Watch the video directed by Daniele Diana here and listen to the track on Spotify.
In their own words about the track: "This is actually the first time we are releasing a cover song, in our twenty-year career it had never happened, so in that sense, too, we are very curious to see the reaction of the audience. But why did we choose this track? First of all, it is a tribute to that great songwriter, composer and musician Phil Collins, and then it is a tribute to the 'last ones'. In our career, in fact, we have always paid much attention, not only with our music but with concrete actions, precisely to the 'last ones', to those who live on the margins of society, to those who cannot. In our opinion, in fact, those who make art but in general those who have a 'voice' that can be heard have a duty to call consciences to those people who are often 'invisible.'"
Produced at Crehate Studios in Gothenburg by Oscar Nilsson with the help of Simon Eliasson, "Another Day in Paradise" showcases the band's heartfelt commitment to their craft and their cause.
So, gear up for an unforgettable performance by Souls of Diotima at the Rock'n Beer Festival. Be there or be square, and join in celebrating 20 years of epic metal magic!
Souls of Diotima are:
Claudia Barsi - Vocals
Giorgio Pinna - Drums
Antonio Doro - Bass and Screams
Fabio "The Black Mask" Puddu - Guitars

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Rock on, and see you in Sardinia! 🤘