Bödel - "Bilan Faller"


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Bödel Unleashes "Bilan Faller": A D-Beat Deluge

Alright metalheads, punk purists, and crust aficionados, brace yourselves—Sweden’s latest sonic assault team, Bödel, is dropping their debut single “Bilan Faller” on June 14th, 2024. If you’ve been yearning for that raw, unpolished d-beat hardcore sound, consider your wish granted.
Bödel’s lineup reads like a who’s who of the Scandinavian punk and metal scene. With members hailing from heavyweight bands like The Crown, Deny, Pastoratet, and The Liptones, these seasoned shredders bring enough collective experience to level a small Scandinavian village. And with Leya’s ferocious vocals leading the charge, this female-fronted powerhouse promises to be anything but your average punk outfit.
For those unfamiliar with the backstory, Bödel formed at lightning speed in late 2023 when Masken (formerly of Antabus and Sub Alert) discovered Leya’s vocal prowess in Chörnobyl. Within months, they assembled a formidable lineup including Arvid (guitar), Henke (bass), and themselves on drums. By February 2024, they had already churned out three tracks in their first rehearsal, and a viral video snippet catapulted them into the limelight.
In March, Bödel blitzed through a weekend recording session, laying down ten tracks destined for various releases. The buzz around their live debut in Gothenburg on March 31st was palpable, solidifying their reputation as a must-see act. The ink on their contract with US label Atrocious Disarray was barely dry before they announced an autumn vinyl release, set to be a collector's item for the ages.
“Bilan Faller” hits with the force of a wrecking ball, mixed and mastered by none other than Jocke Rydbjer of Wolfbrigade fame. It's a relentless three-minute onslaught that doesn’t let up, much like a caffeinated wolverine on speed. Christoffer Knutsson’s recording expertise ensures that every beat and riff is delivered with maximum impact, capturing the raw energy that defines Bödel’s sound.
I can confidently say “Bilan Faller” hits all the right notes. It’s a no-frills, in-your-face anthem that harkens back to the golden days of d-beat. The track’s blistering pace and unapologetic aggression are exactly what the genre needs right now. Bödel isn’t here to reinvent the wheel—they’re here to strap a jet engine to it and see how fast it can go.
So, mark your calendars, folks. June 14th is the day Bödel unleashes their aural assault on the world. Crank up the volume, brace for impact, and get ready to be blown away. If “Bilan Faller” is any indication, the future of punk/hardcore is looking faster, louder, and more ferocious than ever.
Stay heavy, stay loud, and keep those devil horns high.