MILE - "A Shattered Mind"


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MILE Unleashes Their Latest Album "A Shattered Mind"

A Shattered Mind - "Murderer"

Strap in, metalheads! Swedish melodic metal maestros MILE are back with a vengeance, dropping their latest album "A Shattered Mind" on May 31st. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of being blown away by their modern blend of heavy metal and hard rock, now's your chance.
Hailing from the icy depths of Sweden, MILE has been crafting earworms since their debut album ‘Lost’ in 2015, which streamed over a million times in its first year. They followed this success with ‘The World In Focus’ in 2018, featuring the hit single 'Crying in Your Sleep' that landed on numerous major playlists. These guys aren't just studio warriors, either—they’ve shared festival stages with legends like Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, Sabaton, and Hammerfall.
For their third and most ambitious project yet, "A Shattered Mind", MILE took a different approach. The band retreated to a secluded cabin, channeling their inner Viking hermits to focus solely on creating music. Most of the tracks were penned in 2020, but MILE didn’t rush the recording process. They painstakingly ensured that each song reached its full potential, resulting in an album that showcases their growth as musicians.
The dedication paid off. "A Shattered Mind" is a masterclass in melodic metal, blending heavy riffs with catchy melodies that stick with you like that last beer stain on your concert tee. Tracks like 'Murderer' and 'Dear Mr. Sandman' hit you with a one-two punch of power and emotion, proving that MILE has not just evolved, but ascended to new heights.
Band Lineup
Marcus “Masken” Karlsson – Vocals
Fredrik Palm – Guitar
Marcus Folke – Bass
Richard Loque – Drums

I can say "A Shattered Mind" is a testament to their relentless pursuit of musical excellence. The album is a rollercoaster of emotions, with each track offering something unique yet unmistakably MILE. Marcus Karlsson's vocals soar with newfound intensity, while Fredrik Palm’s guitar work is both brutal and beautiful. The rhythm section, powered by Marcus Folke and Richard Loque, lays a rock-solid foundation that drives each song forward.
For fans old and new, this album is a journey worth taking. Whether you're headbanging in your living room or screaming the lyrics at a live show, "A Shattered Mind" is an experience you won’t forget. So, crank up the volume, let your hair down, and prepare to be shattered—in the best possible way.
Prepare to have your mind blown—MILE's "A Shattered Mind" is here, and it's a melodic metal masterpiece. Don't miss out!