Maatkare - "May The Gods Bear Witness"


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Female Death Metal Band Maatkare Releases Second Single "May The Gods Bear Witness"

For fans of: Nile, Scarab, Arch Enemy, Behemoth & Kataklysm
Hold onto your ancient artifacts and sharpen those battle axes, because the all-female Egyptian-inspired death metal band Maatkare has just unleashed their second single, "May The Gods Bear Witness", today, June 28, 2024.
Maatkare, formed in 2020, features the ferocious Janneke de Rooy (Beyond The Pale) on vocals, the formidable Amie Chatterley (Dakesis, WomenOwar) on bass, and the relentless riff-master Georgia Bell (session guitarist for Harper/Thatyellaharper).
"May The Gods Bear Witness" transports listeners to ancient Egypt, exploring the theme of deceitful prophets. The band's brutal soundscapes and thought-provoking lyrics highlight the timeless struggle against misinformation and societal discord, drawing powerful parallels between the ancient world and today.
Amie Chatterley, who also produced the track, shares her excitement:
“We've been humbled by the response to our first single, and I'm thrilled to share this next track. As a woman in metal, I see how many marginalized voices are misrepresented. This song, while rooted in ancient history, speaks to today's issues. Producing this track independently has been a challenge, but a rewarding one, and I hope it inspires others to embark on their own creative journeys".
Georgia Bell, co-writer of the song, adds:
“Creating 'May The Gods Bear Witness' was an intense experience. We wanted to build tension through harmonies, orchestration, and galloping riffs, aiming to take our listeners on an evocative journey. The lyrical themes of deceit and truth resonate deeply, and we worked hard to capture that sense of unease in the music".
Maatkare's new single is set to reinforce their place in the metal scene, blending ancient tales with contemporary reflections. Dive into this headbanging historical lesson today!
"May The Gods Bear Witness" was mixed by Matt Jones at CapsaArx Studios in Birmingham and mastered by Simone Pietroforte of Divergent Studios.
There you have it, metalheads! Maatkare is here to shake the foundations of both ancient temples and modern stages. Ready your necks for some serious headbanging—this one's gonna be legendary.