Painted Scars - "Won't Give Up" (from Upcoming EP 'Kintsugi")


Upcoming Release:

Painted Scars Unleashes Debut Single "Won't Give Up" from Upcoming EP 'Kintsugi'

Get ready to crank up the volume, metalheads! Painted Scars, the electrifying new hard rock band from Belgium, is gearing up to drop their debut single “Won’t Give Up” from their upcoming EP 'Kintsugi', hitting the airwaves in August 2024.
“Won’t Give Up” is an anthem for anyone who’s ever had to fight against the odds. Inspired by Jassy Blue's personal battle with Cystic Fibrosis, the track channels raw emotion and defiance. Jassy has turned her struggle into a powerful message of resilience, proving that nothing can keep her from her musical dreams.
Check out the lyric video for “Won’t Give Up” on YouTube here.
Painted Scars came together in April 2023 and wasted no time making their mark. Their first single, "Life and Alive", recorded at home and polished by a German audio engineer, dropped just a few months later in July.
Their debut performance at their self-organized "Scarfest" in Erpe-Mere, Belgium, was a smashing success, leading to a series of follow-up shows. Known for their high-energy performances, heavy riffs, and blazing solos, Painted Scars create an unforgettable live experience that blends headbanging intensity with melodic sing-along moments.
The band’s upcoming EP, 'Kintsugi', promises to be a hard rock masterpiece, combining intensity with melodic finesse. Named after the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold, the EP symbolizes finding beauty in scars and strength in struggles—a perfect reflection of the band’s journey and music.
'Kintsugi' will be officially unveiled at the second edition of Scarfest in August 2024, marking a milestone for the band and their fans.
Band Lineup
Jassy ‘Hyacien’ Blue – Vocals
Kevin De Brauwer – Backing vocals & Guitar
Yannick Rottiers – Guitar
Jens Van Geel – Bass guitar
Bram Vermeir – Drums

Painted Scars stands out with their unyielding passion and authenticity. “Won’t Give Up” is more than just a song; it’s a rallying cry for anyone who has faced adversity and refused to back down. Jassy Blue’s vocals are a testament to strength, and the band’s tight musicianship ensures every track is a powerhouse. If 'Kintsugi' is anything like their live shows, we’re in for an album that’s both hard-hitting and deeply moving.
Mark your calendars for August 2024, because Painted Scars is about to rock your world with 'Kintsugi'. Don’t miss out on this explosive debut!