Reversed Chakra - "Grame Of Chess"


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Reversed Chakra's "Grame Of Chess": A Sonic Marvel with Gigantic Producers

Grab your headphones and crank the volume because Reversed Chakra is here to blow your minds with their new single "Grame Of Chess". This is full-blown audio adventure produced by Paul Reeve (Muse), mixed by John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, HIM), and mastered by Richard Dodd (Kings Of Leon).
"Grame Of Chess" is a wild blend of indie rock, Dark Wave, and Post Rock. It's like the love child of Interpol, The Cure, and Sigur Ros, but with a fresh twist that's all Reversed Chakra.
The band recorded the album in the picturesque St. Marryn, Cornwall, and according to their statement, the experience was nothing short of magical. They bonded with producer Paul Reeve (yes, the guy behind five Muse albums), and created something truly special. They describe the process as harmonious, professional, and bursting with creativity. The result? A colossal wall of sound that hits you like a ton of bricks—beautiful, melodic bricks.
Haven’t seen the music video yet? What are you waiting for? Click here and prepare to be visually and sonically mesmerized.
"Grame Of Chess" is a breath of fresh air. Reversed Chakra isn't just borrowing from their influences—they're redefining them. The production quality is stellar, which is no surprise given the legendary team behind it. This single sets the bar high for their upcoming album.
So, get ready to lose yourself in the soundscape of "Grame Of Chess". This track is an anthem for anyone who's ever felt the need to break free from the mundane and dive headfirst into the extraordinary.
Stay heavy, stay wild, and keep those horns high.