Rise of Kronos - "Exit The Light"


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Rise of Kronos Release Crushing New Single "Exit The Light"!


Hold onto your horns, metalheads! The German death metal juggernaut RISE OF KRONOS has just unleashed a brand new single, "Exit The Light". This blistering track is a taste of what’s to come from their highly anticipated album Where The Gods Return, set to drop on August 2nd.
Vocalist and guitarist Tom shared some insights:
“'Exit The Light' is one of the very first songs we ever wrote. Inspired by bands like Fear Factory and Metallica as well as the German metalcore scene, we wanted to create a song that would get the audience going. Even today, it's still a highlight to play 'Exit The Light' live and share the energy that the song ignites with our fans.”
"Exit The Light" is now streaming on all major platforms, so crank it up and let the face-melting commence!
21.06.2024 - DE - Schwarzburg, Metalwiese
31.08.2024 - DE - Hamburg, Tattoo Titans
13.09.2024 - DE - Siegen, Vortex
14.09.2024 - DE - Ostfildern, Zentrum Zinsholz
27.09.2024 - DE - Braunschweig, Kufa
04.10.2024 - DE - Dresden, Skullcrusher
05.10.2024 - DE - Hannover, Mephisto
19.10.2024 - DE - Ahrensburg, Juki42
26.10.2024 - DE - Wiesloch, Rnp
08.11.2024 - DE - Magdeburg, Factory
09.11.2024 - DE - Erfurt, From Hell
15.11.2024 - DE - Balingen, Sonnenkeller
16.11.2024 - DE - Karlsruhe, Die Stadtmitte
23.11.2024 - DE - Naumburg (Saale), Tanks
30.11.2024 - DE - Oberhausen, Helvete
06.12.2024 - DE - Lübeck, Treibsand
07.12.2024 - DE - Bremen, Zollkantine
31.01.2025 - DE - Hannover, Cafe Glocksee
01.02.2025 - DE - Hamburg, Logo
15.02.2025 - DE - Berlin, Slaughterhouse
Born from the ashes of their former band Surface in 2021, RISE OF KRONOS emerged to take their sound to new heights. After 11 years of hard work, countless gigs, and three records, the band felt it was time for a new chapter. Still bonded by their strong friendship, they sought a new name that reflected their evolution. Inspired by their 2015 record, the name RISE OF KRONOS pays homage to their past while heralding a new era.
RISE OF KRONOS fuses dark, modern death metal with elements of progressive metal, Swedish death, and hardcore. Their music is a powerful mix of crushing heaviness and intricate melodies, all wrapped up in a concept rooted in Greek mythology. Their live shows are a force to be reckoned with, promising an epic journey straight to Olympus.
Band Line-Up:
Tom Robinson – Guitar, Vocals
Tim Broscheit – Bass, Vocals
Jhonnie Ritter – Guitar
Marco Bechreiner – Drums

RISE OF KRONOS is ready to lead you on a sonic odyssey with Where The Gods Return. Be sure to catch them live and witness their relentless energy firsthand!