Serement - "Abhorrent Invocations"


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Serement’s ‘Abhorrent Invocations’: A Fiery Rebirth from the Ashes

Hold onto your skulls, metalheads! Athens-based blackened death metal outfit Serement has unleashed their highly anticipated debut full-length, "Abhorrent Invocations", on May 17th via Dolorem Records. Rising from the smoldering remains of their previous act, Blessed by Perversion, the core members regrouped in 2022 to form Serement, gracing us with their "Deviation from God" EP that same year. Now, with support from Mexico's Iron, Blood and Death Corporation, they present a 9-track sonic onslaught that is nothing short of apocalyptic.
Serement’s “Abhorrent Invocations” is a dark, heavy atmospheric blend of blackened and old-school death metal that’s bound to ignite the pits and darken the skies. The album's mix and mastering were expertly handled by Georgios Christoforidis at Ignite Music Studio, ensuring every blistering riff and guttural growl hits with hellish precision. And let's not forget the album artwork, a nightmarish vision conjured by Misanthropic-Art, which perfectly encapsulates the album’s eerie, malevolent vibe.
From the relentless assault of “Stench of Torment” to the bone-chilling echoes of “Κατάβαση Ψυχών”, each track on "Abhorrent Invocations" showcases Serement’s knack for blending brutality with atmosphere. The synergy between the growling vocals, thunderous drums, and scorching guitar riffs creates a soundscape that’s as punishing as it is captivating.
But what really sets Serement apart is their ability to rise from the ashes, stronger and more ferocious than before.
Now, let’s get personal. As a long-time connoisseur of the extreme metal scene, I can honestly say Serement’s “Abhorrent Invocations” is a powerhouse debut that promises a bright (or rather, dark) future for the band. It’s not just an album; it’s an invocation, summoning listeners to embrace the darkness and revel in the chaos. If you’re a fan of blackened death metal with a penchant for unrelenting heaviness, this album is an absolute must-listen.
Crank up the volume, let the infernal waves of “Abhorrent Invocations” wash over you, and prepare to be consumed by the darkness. Serement is here to stay, and they’re taking no prisoners.