Vital Breath - "Talk to Me"


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Vital Breath’s "Talk to Me": A Sonic Rollercoaster You Can't Miss

Brace yourselves because French hybrid modern-rock/metal/prog quartet Vital Breath is back with a bang! After a seven-year hiatus, these guys are dropping a new single, "Talk to Me", for their upcoming album, "Silent Screams" set to release this fall.
Vital Breath has always been a master of blending powerful vocals, intricate guitar work, and dynamic rhythms, and "Talk to Me" is no exception. Imagine the energy of Alter Bridge, the raw power of Disturbed, the grunge soul of Alice in Chains, and the progressive finesse of Dream Theater all rolled into one epic track. That’s what you get with these guys—a relentless, energetic punch that keeps you coming back for more.
Formed in 2011, Vital Breath consists of four seasoned musicians who have carved out a unique niche with their "Hybrid Modern Rock" style. Their sound is a vibrant mix of rock, pop, and metal influences, creating something both familiar and refreshingly original. With two albums already under their belt and countless gigs across France, Belgium, and Switzerland, they’re no strangers to the stage or the studio.
For "Silent Screams", their third album, the band has opted for self-production. This decision has allowed them to regain full artistic freedom and take their time crafting the perfect sound. And if "Talk to Me" is any indication, they’ve used that time wisely.
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"Talk to Me" is a stellar return for Vital Breath. It’s a high-octane, melodic, and thoroughly engaging track that sets the stage perfectly for "Silent Screams". If you’re a fan of powerful, hybrid rock/metal with a progressive edge, this single—and the upcoming album—are must-haves for your collection.
Get ready to rock hard this fall with Vital Breath's 'Silent Screams.'
Keep those horns high, stay heavy, and always keep your breath vital.