Inner Missing - Deluge


It's Released in 2021:

Russian gothic doom metal band Inner Missing released their eight studio album Deluge on June 23rd 2021 via Inverse Records. Inner Missing was formed back in 2008 and they have been very productive since then and toured extensively with bands such as My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Saturnus and Throes of Dawn just to name a few.

Sigmund comments:
"Deluge is a very personal album. It was created during the period of total uncertainty and dismay and these are its main themes – yet, paradoxically, it is an album about hope as well – and if you listen attentively you will definitely feel it. Musically it may be defined as the development of the plot which was started on two previous LPs The Ineffable and Ghostwriter, and, therefore it is the work that I am – and will always be – proud of."

Album cover: ​Vladimir Prokophiev
1. In The Haze
2. Daybreak
3. A Trice Of Verve
4. Locusts
5. The Gift
6. Deluge
7. Elegy
8. Grodek
Sigmund - voice and guitars
Melaer - keyboards and bass