Korrosive - "Toxic Apokalypse"


New Release:

The new album "Toxic Apokalypse" from the band Korrosive is available via CDN Records.

Hang on, it will shake.

The new album is an aural brute-de-force of eight tracks ready to blitz the moshpit. Even though each song on the album is quite different in a way from the others, it's all uniquely Korrosive. Songs deal with topics of science fiction, armageddon, and “what if” scenarios. For each track on the record, the band pushes them to new levels of velocity and extremity, from 'Fatal Strike', which has a ton of blast beats and solos, yet is still unmistakably thrash, to 'Radioaktive Scourge', filled with pure aggression, unlike anything they’ve released before. From its speed, the lyrics, and the sheer intensity, this song may be the shortest track on the record, but makes the largest impact and it’s over before you know it. And also strongly recommended is 'Hail the Hellfire', perhaps the band's anthem to the entire "Toxic Apokalypse" album. Written as a reflection of the period when the full-length was being composed, this track discusses the brutality of war and the end result of each and every individual involved in its cause, regardless of side.
Recommended for fans of Sodom, Kreator, Death, and Sepultura, Korrosive is high-octane thrash that melds elements from extreme metal such as death and grind.
Also, don't miss their excellent live video recorded last July in Toronto. Canadian thrashers Korrosive were opening for legendary speed metal maniacs Exciter.
During this epic show night, the band took the opportunity to capture the whole live experience for their fans. There were no corrections, overdubs, or tweaks made to the video. It is Korrosive being pure, raw, and unfiltered.
The band adds about the video:
"We like to thank our guitarist Jack Neila for directing and editing the video. He used five cameras to capture the whole show in glorious 4K, complete with stage diving, windmilling, and a massive wall-of-death. We like to also thank Jake Disman for recording the audio directly from the soundboard, and our producer Ben Erikson (he did both our albums) for the mix. The sound is crisp, clear, and heavy. Enjoy the headbanging!"
Watch the full set at https://youtu.be/-kM4XcuFrfU​
"Toxic Apokalypse" was produced by Ben Erikson with mastering done by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Kreator, Cro-Mags, Municipal Waste, Soulfly). The album artwork was created by the infamous Ed Repka (Dark Angel, Death, Hirax, Megadeth, Suicidal Angels, Venom).
Radioaktive Scourge - https://youtu.be/9YZc6iJwsLM​
Track Listing:​
1. Into Nekropolis 05:28
2. Radioaktive Scourge 01:48
3. The Goddamned 04:47
4. Fatal Strike 03:28
5. Libertad y Muerte 05:15
6. Infernal Onslaught 05:10
7. Hail the Hellfire 04:20
8. Karnage Incarnate 07:39
Album Length (37:55)
Album Credits:​
• All songs performed by: Korrosive
• All songs written by: Korrosive
• Produced by: Ben Erikson
• Mixed by: Ben Erikson
• Mastered by: Arthur Rizk
• Album Artwork by: Ed Repka
• Music is Canadian Content (MAPL)
Album and Live Band Lineup:​
Rad Zarei – Vocals
Jack Neila – Guitars
Kaveh Afshar – Drums
Derek Solomos – Guitars
Carlos Rodriguez - Bass

Digital - Korrosivemetal.bandcamp.com, Spotify​
"This is the thrash album of the year man!" - Zach Moonshine - Metal Devastation Radio
"There's an old-school foundation to this, but it's sharper and faster than most of the old stuff and there's a more modern sound thrown in, so Korrosive don't come off as much like a "thrash revival" band as many others might, rather taking the style in a faster, heavier and crispier direction. I hear a lot of albums in a year and a lot of thrash, but this album stands out. If thrash with harsh vocals done a little different is your thing, you owe it to yourself to check Toxic Apocalypse out." 4.75/5 - The Metal Crypt​
​"Korrosive really likes to rip through songs with all the attitude and fury of a band straddling the line between Thrash and Speed Metal that likes to jump back and forth just for fun. And this is pure thrash; there are no ballads or anything like that, just killer, heavy riffs and smashing rhythms. This is an apocalyptic shred-fest meant to leave your neck sore, and your voice wrecked. If you get to the end of this record and are not in at least a little pain, take another trip with the higher volume to ensure you get it right this time." - Metal-Zenith
“If you like your thrash metal with a little San Francisco and a nice helping of Germany, then this is the album for you. “Toxic Apokalypse” is already out on CDN Records from Canada and it’s a must for any metal fan who likes it hard, nasty, and ripping off heads! This is easily in my top five metal albums of 2022.” – Pete Altieri, Murder Metal Mayhem
“It’s an album which is relentless, something that any self-respecting thrash fan would want. And yet, there is some balance to the album. It’s paced well, with the tempo picking up again at the tail end of the album” – UK Thrashers