Dépérir - Black Beast (ft. Vincent Houde - DOPETHRONE)


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Here is yet another new group from France, then Quebec, which I want to introduce to you.

Dépérir - Black Beast (ft. Vincent Houde - DOPETHRONE)

This is the group DÉPÉRIR, with their Album "Black Beast," released on April 9, 2022.
An album with Black Metal/Death Metal sounds, a powerful album, with for example the title "Full Of Hate," which from the first notes, takes me on a furious headbanging, chain-singing guttural vocals .. I love it.
01. Black Beast 05:08
02. Unhallowed Grave 03:55
03. The Book 03:52
04. Full Of Hate 04:22
05. My Gift to Humanity 05:27
06. The Pumpkin Man 00:29
07. Deathsaw 05:53
08. The Hunt 04:25
09. Offended Generation 04:26
10. Succubus 03:31
11. Empire 05:33

DÉPÉRIR was born in France in 2011 through the meeting of Nico, guitarist of DECENT, a death metal band from the Lyon region, and Sorthei, drummer of Daedalion and Pavillon Rouge. CedR joined as the singer. In 2013, Nico immigrated to Quebec, which marked the end of the group's first period.
In January 2015, Sorthei also moved to Quebec, and it was only natural for them to resume service by bringing Arawn on bass and WT on vocals (Endless Horizon/Hak-Ed Damm) into their ranks.
Starting in July 2015, the concerts followed one another, with ARBOR (USA), ATROCE (Qc), DÉLÉTÈRE (Qc), NEIGE ÈTERNELLE (Qc).
In 2016, the group entered the Sonum Studio to record their eponymous first album.
Mixed in France at the Convulsound Studio (Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition / Benighted / Mithridatic) and offered the opening act for TAAKE (Nor) and HELHEIM (Nor) concerts, as well as BLACKLODGE (Fr).
Released in 2017, the first album allowed DÉPÉRIR to play all over Quebec, along with SACCAGE (Qc), OUTRE TOMBE (Qc), NORDHEIM (Qc), APES (Qc), CRYPTOPSY (Qc).
In 2018/2019, the group participated in the Quebec DeathFest in Montreal / Quebec Summer Festival / Doom Days of Summer (USA).
The group's last concert before Covid-19 took place in Saguenay with NARGAROTH (DE).
In 2020, lineup change! Nico separated from Sorthei, a founding member, who became unavailable due to his work as an airline pilot. WT was replaced by Bob Girard, singer of ANCESTOR'S REVENGE (Qc), and Nico also took on the role of bassist for the recording of the second album: BLACK BEAST!
Kevin Foley (Benighted/Abbath/Hjelvik) recorded the drum parts at WarmAudio in Décines (fr).
On June 4, 2021, the first single BLACK BEAST was released on Youtube in the form of a lyrics video with Vincent Houde
February 5, 2022, release of the second single: SUCCUBUS!
End of 2021, the jams resume, Steph Coulombe joins the group as bassist, Wax Lamontagne as guitarist, and Samuel Santiago (Ex- ARKHON INFAUSTUS / MELECHESH / GOROD) becomes the live session drummer for DÉPÉRIR!