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MONOLITHE - Kosmodrom/Kassiopea (Bonus album)

Label: Time Tombs Production

Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 25-11-2022

Format: Digital HR / Digipack CD

Genre: Doom Metal

Country: France

Rémi Brochard: Vocals, Guitar
Sylvain Bégot: Guitar
Benoît Blin: Guitar
Matthieu Marchand: Keyboards
Olivier Defives: Bass
Thibault Faucher: Drums

1. Sputnik-1 (10’00)
2. Voskhod (10’30)
3. Kudryavka (10’30)
4. Soyuz (10’00)
5. Kosmonavt (26’00)
Kassiopea (Bonus album - Limited Edition)
1 – Kold (4’40)
2 – Orion’s Misery (12’10)
3 - Invasion AD (6’20)
4 – Brave Murder Day (11’25)
5 – The Killing Moon (7’25)
6 – Spatial Cases (6’00)
After more than twenty years of existence, eight studio albums, a live album and two mini-albums, the longevity and now respectable discography of MONOLITHE are the first witnesses of the intense activity of this band that has become a veteran of the international underground Doom Metal scene.
As a cult and iconoclastic formation, MONOLITHE has always offered very personal music in many respects. After the series of four albums composed of a single, slow, hypnotic and long Extreme Doom song - "The Great Clockmaker" saga, composed of the Monolithe I (2003), Monolithe II (2005), Monolithe III (2012) and Monolithe IV (2013) albums, the band then systematically provided compositions with rigorously equivalent durations: fifteen-minute pieces on Epsilon Aurigae (2015) and Zeta Reticuli (2016), seven minutes on Nebula Septem (2018) and four and eight minutes
on Okta Khora (2020), albums that are chaptering “The Tame Stars” saga which, behind their eerie formalism are, above all, demanding, innovative and immersive Doom Metal works.
MONOLITHE is back in 2022 with a new album defining new artistic ambitions: Kosmodrom.
If the French were previously interested in the cosmic immensity and grandiose stories of interstellar science-fiction, it is the human being and his fascination for discovery that is the core of this new chapter this time around, through the history of space conquest seen from the Soviet side.
KOSMODROM, MONOLITHE's 9th full-length album, tells the tale of intrepid pioneers, explorers, and discoverers and the dangers and sacrifices inherent to their leap into the unknown, through the metaphor of real historical events related to the space conquest on the Soviet side.
Some famous figures such as Vladimir Komarov, Alexei Leonov or the dog Laïka can be encountered at the turn of a song or a text line.
KOSMODROM is musically a compendium of the know-how accumulated by the band over its more than two decades of existence, through a racy and futuristic Doom Metal, crossed with progressive touches and sprinkled with new influences.
Kosmodrom was recorded in the winter & spring of 2020/2021
Music & lyrics written by Sylvain Bégot (Koh Tao, Thailand - March to June 2020) except 7’54 to 12’25 on “Kosmonavt” written by Thibault Faucher
Mixed & mastered by Jari Lindholm @Jari Lindholm Music
Drums & vocals recorded by Andrew Guillotin @Hybreed Studio
Guitars & keyboards recorded by Sylvain Bégot @Red Reed Studio
Bass recorded by Olivier Defives
Artwork by Guibz Zilla
Produced by Sylvain Bégot