ASYLUM PYRE - The Nowhere Dance


New Release:

Asylum Pyre released their fifth album "Call Me Inhuman (The Sun - The Fight - part 5)" on March 24th, 2023.
According to the band, this album is the logical follow-up to their successful fourth album, "N°4," but even more infectious. The album is both softer and harder, while exploring new musical territories. Listeners can expect a mix of modern and traditional metal, led by an exceptional lead vocalist, and a range of atmospheres.

ASYLUM PYRE - Virtual Guns


ASYLUM PYRE - The Nowhere Dance

Asylum Pyre approaches each song as if it's their last, imbuing each with rare intensity and unforgettable choruses. The band members play double-game characters in a pre-apocalyptic universe, adding to the intensity of the music.
Founded by bandleader Johann Cadot, Asylum Pyre has toured extensively in Europe with notable bands like Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Demons & Wizards, and Doro. The band has a unique musical identity, blending power, melody, modern loops, and traditional and modern styles. They also feature two vocalists, including the lead female singer who also sings in the side-project The Experiment N°Q with members of Therion. Asylum Pyre's real concept revolves around a pre-apocalyptic world and a Green Manifesto. The album was mastered by Mika Jussila.
Album: Call Me Inhuman
Country: France
Genre: Power Metal
Release date: March 24th, 2023
Asylum Pyre is:
Ombeline "OXY" Duprat - Vocals and Oxy's incarnation
Johann "JAE" Cadot - Vocals, Rythm Guitars, Keys & loops
Pierre-Emmanuel “WIK” Pélisson - Guitars
Fabien "HED" Mira - Bass
Thomas "KAS" Calegari – Drums

1 - Virtual Guns 06:27
2. Fighters 03:52
3. The True Crown (I Seek your War) 04:48
4. Happy Deathday 04:04
5. There, I could die 03:58
6. Sand Paths 05:34
7. The Nowhere Dance 03:57
8. A Teacher, A Scientist & A Diplomat 04:22
9. Underneath Heartskin 04:14
10. The Mad Fiddler 04:46
11. Joy 06:10
12. Call Me Inhuman 02:35