Emetropia - "The Old Gods - Requiem"


Upcoming Release:

Emetropia is set to release a new EP titled "An Acoustic Endeavor" on March 24th, 2023.
The EP features four acoustic versions of popular songs from their debut album Equinox. The band members were excited to push their musical and production skills by recording symphonic metal songs in new musical styles.
The single and music video for "The Old Gods - Requiem" has already been released, and vocalist Lisa explained that they wanted the EP versions to be original and different from the album versions.
The EP will be celebrated with a release party at Kulturgaraget in Avesta, featuring two sets by Emetropia and a performance by LÝSIS.
"An Acoustic Endeavor" tracklist:
A Gentle Breeze
The First Flower Blooms
The Old Gods - Requiem
Shifting Seasons
Mix: Olle Renius
Master: Jonathan Rosso (1017 Music)
Artwork: Robin Hakanen Martio
The EP will be released independently and will be available on all major streaming platforms.
Band members:
Lisa Wallenberg – Lead vocals
Liam Strand – Songwriting, keyboards, orchestral compositions, vocals
Olle Renius – Lead guitars
Jonatan Jakobsson – Rhythm guitars
Oscar Heikkinen – Drums
About Emetropia:
Emetropia creates lively and powerful symphonic metal with meaningful and interconnected narratives, drawing inspiration from groups such as Epica, Therion, and Amorphis. Their first album Equinox was well-received by critics and earned them a place on Visions of Atlantis' Pirates tour. With their upcoming EP "An Acoustic Endeavor", Emetropia aims to further showcase the innovative and progressive direction of Swedish symphonic metal to their audience.